The notepad: Muhammad Waheed

Published: March 19, 2017

Muhammad Waheed, the owner and creative brains behind The Wedding Story Films, one of Karachi’s leading videography studios, jots down a list of essentials which create the perfect cinematic experience at wedding events.


This is the most important thing! Whether it’s the make-up artist or event planner, push them to finish everything on time. Things are usually delayed for everyone else because of these two departments.

Plan for the planner

Ask your event planner to plan the décor and lighting keeping videography and photography in mind — warm lighting usually works best. The most important area is the stage; so ask them to keep it well-lit and soft from every corner.


Keep an announcement system at your events — it helps a lot! Be it an announcement for dinner, a gathering or whether you want your whole family together for a group photo — it always comes in handy.


Let your guests know that you will have an unplugged event, and therefore please don’t use your mobile phones. It looks really bad on camera when people are on their phones instead of enjoying and mingling at the event.

No show

Make sure the main talent of the company you hired for photography and videography will be present at your events. Generally, the team photographers are not able to achieve the desired results without the main lead.

Divide and conquer

Companies are either good at photography or good at videography. Having been in the industry for several years I can safely say that it is very rare to find someone who is good at both, and I can almost guarantee that if you hire one person for two things then the end results will be compromised. Hiring two companies will get you better results as each team will be more focused on their specific task, and there is very little price difference too!

Picking sides

Don’t hire two companies for the same purpose — it will be a mess! If someone hires The Wedding Story Films for their event coverage, then rest assure that we will cover both bridal parties, hence there is no need to get a videographer from the bride and groom’s side separately.

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