23 'best countries' to live in if you're a woman

More than 9,000 women were surveyed to determine which countries are the best for women to live in

Food & Travel Desk March 10, 2017

Sweden is the best country to live in if you're a woman, according to a new ranking from US News and World Report.

The organisation conducted a survey on more than 9,000 women as part of its wider '2017 Best Countries' ranking, to determine which of the 80 countries around the world are the best for women to live in.

This is the best country in the world

While Tunisia and Bolivia were ranked among the worst countries to live in for women, the best places to live as a female span across the globe.

View below, in ascending order, the 23 best countries in the world to live in if you're a woman.

23. Czech Republic

One of the key priorities of the Czech government's policy is gender equality which is why the country has made it to the list.

22. Singapore

The Women's Charter Act was passed in 1961 to protect and enable the advancement of women's rights in Singapore.

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21. Poland

Despite its restrictive abortion laws, other criteria in the study found Poland among the best places for women to live.


20. Portugal

Since 1976, women in Portugal have been enjoying full legal equality with men. There's no wonder why this country has made it to the list.


19. Italy

When gender equality in marriage was introduced in 1975, the dominance of the husband was abolished, making Italy one of the best countries for women to live in.


18. Spain

Spain has been praised world over for its commitment to gender equality in more recent years, putting it in 18th place in the ranking.


17. Japan

Since the end of World War II, Japanese women have been recognised as having equal rights to men. Efforts are currently in place to encourage more women to join its workforce.


16. United States

US is among the few countries in the world in which its Congress has a record number of women. This was a contributing factor that put the country in 16th place for women.


15. Ireland

Social norms are changing in Ireland and moving away from its earlier, more traditional and conservative social norms. And now, it is one of the best countries for women.


14. France

France is known as a country which has made efforts to put an end to persistent discrimination against women.

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13. Luxembourg

When Luxembourg introduced equal voting rights in 1919, it became one of the first countries to allow females to vote.

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12. United Kingdom

With a strong population of women who actively fight for gender equality rights, as well as a female prime minister, there's no arguing why the United Kingdom wouldn't be on the list.

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11. Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel is proof that women are just as powerful as men in Germany.


10. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country which consistently maintains peacekeeping efforts, making it one of the best places for gender equality.

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9. Austria

With its high-income democracy and rich culture, Austria is the ninth best country in the world for women.


8. Australia

Not only does Australia have a high life expectancy for both females and males, it is a country with high sporting participation from both genders.


7. Switzerland

Switzerland takes pride in being diverse and its liberal attitude is reflected in its attitude towards women's rights.

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6. Finland

Together with Luxembourg, Finland was among the first in the world to grant women the right to vote. It was also the first to legalise universal suffrage.


5. Canada

The protection of women's rights is a key feature of its domestic and foreign policy.

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4. Netherlands

All new mothers in the Netherlands are given several benefits, including access to a maternity nurse, with the cost (or part of it) covered by insurance.

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3. Norway

Mothers in Norway can take up to 35 weeks of maternity leave at full pay or 45 weeks at 80 per cent pay, making it one of the most gender equal nations in the world.


2. Denmark

Denmark has landed second in the top 23 best countries for women. Its earnings-related daycare system and one of the most flexible parental leave policies in the EU contribute to making it a pleasant country for women to live in.


1. Sweden

Gender equality is a key feature in Sweden, making it the best country for women to live in. Almost two-thirds of university degrees are obtained by women, and up to three months of leave are granted to each parent during parental leave.

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