RSS leader boasts killing 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat, calls for beheading Kerala's CM

RSS leader was responding to the Communist Party of India

News Desk March 03, 2017
RSS leader Mahanagar Prachar Pramukh. PHOTO: ANI

A hateful speech by Indian Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party’s leader has once again left a question mark on the country’s secularism as he boasted killing thousands of Muslims during Gujarat massacre in 2002 and called for beheading Kerala’s CM, The Wire reported.

RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat's inflammatory speech on March 1 reignited sentiments against the massacre which killed some 2,000 Muslims under the then chief minister Narendra Modi.

“Have you [Hindus] forgotten Godhra? You killed 56, we sent 2,000 to the graveyard. We – this same Hindu community – shoved [their corpses] underground,” he said.

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The RSS leader was responding to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which is believed to be fighting against the right-wing party in Kerala. “You have killed 300 pracharaks and activists, we will present Bharat Mata with a garland of 300,000 skulls in return,” he said to the communists.

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“Leftists, beware,” he warned.

As the video of his speech went viral on social media, he dissociated it from the party line of RSS, claiming it was his personal stance. “It’s my personal view”, he said.

“I gave [an] explosive statement just like Bhagat Singh used bomb on British (sic). They must know Hindus aren’t sleeping.”


Oommen | 7 years ago | Reply BIMARU states cannot be compared to Kerala. (Court punished all involved in riots) Anyway he has withdrawn the statement. This may be a case of local guy calming that he is a "hero" because he belongs to the family of king shivaji.
Sher Khan | 7 years ago | Reply We are now witnessing such disgusting and vile statements throughout the world these days. Such statements of hatred and evil, which spur on actions which represent such ill words. The masses, ignorant and of little education seem to be supporting such people. This is a global phenomena. Hatred for others based on trivial matters is a norm. The good and decent people must unite before it is too late.
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