'Davis released in accordance with Shariah law'

Firdous Ashiq Awan says Davis released after the payment of blood money (Diyat) in accordance with Shariah Law.

Express March 17, 2011
'Davis released in accordance with Shariah law'

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Wednesday that Raymond Davis was released after the payment of blood money (Diyat) in accordance with Shariah Law.

Speaking on or show on PTV, she said that it was the federal government had already taken the stance that the matter would be decided by the court of law.

She said that according to the settlement, the families of the Lahore shooting victims pardoned Davis, after receiving the blood money.

The minister said that the Raymond Davis case was registered and carried out in the Punjab court and Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah verified the settlement as well.

"If he speaks against his own party's policy or decision, It was his legal right", she remarked.

She reiterated that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had assured earlier that the Davis issue would be decided by the court.

She emphasised that political parties are trying to exploit the issue for political gains which is not in the national interest.

Judge goes on leave

Additional District and Sessions Judge Yousuf Ojla went on leave on Thursday, a day after acquitting US national Raymond Davis in the double-murder case.

Lahore correspondent for Express 24/7 Mohammad Rizwan reported that in the wake of the protests against Davis’ release, the judge went on leave for security reasons.

Rizwan reported that lawyers are amongst the protesters who have come out on the streets. They claim their colleague Asad Mansoor Butt, who was representing the relatives of the deceased, was reportedly detained in the Koth Lakhpath jail trial court. This has sparked a wave of protest in the province and there are reports of Lahore lawyers boycotting courts.

All religious parties have announced protest rallies on Friday. The Lahore Bar president also said that courts will be boycotted and they will join the protest against the acquittal tomorrow.



hassan malik | 13 years ago | Reply I am a muslim and I am from India. With so much loaded in favor of men, I wish India would too have Shariah to settle affairs. Imagine, what I can if I had the divine Shariah to assist me.. Then, I can divorce whenever I want I can rape anyone without having 4 witnesses around me I can kill and pay my way out of it I can borrow money and refuse to pay interest for it I can kill my infidel neighbor and say he drew the picture of Prophet (PBUH) Tell me if I have missed anything!
pakpinoy | 13 years ago | Reply All I can say is it serves the Ghairat Brigade nation right! You continually punish the innocent with your draconian laws that allow rapists, murderers and thugs to silence their accusers with coerced payoffs for justice...what Islam refers to as "diyat" is pathetic and injustice and used against victims all the time. Now it's back on your own heads!! Time to eat grass AND suffer shame at the same time!
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