Jaguars owner Shahid Khan voices discontent over Trump’s immigration ban

Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner believes president’s orders detrimental to country

Sports Desk February 05, 2017
Photo: AFP

NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, the only Muslim among the principal owners of the NFL teams and the richest man of Pakistani descent, has publicly voiced his disapproval over US President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban visits by citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

While many celebrities have refrained from taking a public stance over the issue, Shahid, on Saturday, made it clear that he was opposed to the ban.

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“The bedrock of this country is immigration and really a great separation between church and state,” said Shahid. “Even for the country, it’s not good as the order could deny entry to some of the tens of thousands of people who can contribute to the making of America.”

Shahid further added that he had thought that Trump would moderate his views on immigrants and Muslims after he took office but he was surprised and disappointed to see the president still sticking to his extremist views.

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Shahid, however, praised the federal judge who temporarily blocked the president’s immigration order. “We have to look at it based on what can we do to make a difference,” he said. “And right now, there are enough forces in power and play that we have to see how this thing ends up.”

Despite his opposition to Trump’s immigration policies, Shahid has been a vocal supporter of the Republicans and even voted for Trump because he supported his economic policies.

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