11 striking drone photographs from around the world

Published: February 2, 2017

Although drones have been at the forefront of ethical and security debates, the unmanned flying machines, in the hands of a photographer can capture spectacular, unique images which we would otherwise go unseen.

SkyPixel, an aerial photography platform, received 27,000 entries from 131 countries for its competition. Open to both professional and amateur photographers, the competition was split into three categories: Beauty, 360, and Drones in Use.

Here we look at some of the winning shots including some of our personal favourites.


Grand Prize Winner: Fishermen close the net, Fujian province, China.  PHOTO: GE ZHENG/SKYPIXEL


First place, Professional beauty: A line in the sand. PHOTO: HANBING WANG/SKYPIXEL


Second place, Professional beauty: Huia Dam in Auckland, New Zealand. PHOTO: BRENDON DIXON/SKYPIXEL


First place, Amateur Beauty: Road bridge, US. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL


Second place, Amateur Beauty. Green waves, Italy. PHOTO: MAURO PAGLIAI/SKYPIXEL

4000 (1)

Third place, Amateur Beauty. Ice art, US. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL


Rainbow lines, Netherlands. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL

3992 (1)

And they were all yellow. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL

4000 (2)

City cool, people play amid the fountains. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL


Where did you park the car. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL


Rice terrace in China. PHOTO: SKYPIXEL

View other winning entries here

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  • Bunny Rabbit
    Feb 2, 2017 - 2:07PM

    I like the line in the sand very much. a unique photo. wow Recommend

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