The notepad: Mishayl Naek

Writer, political economist, jots down the top seven blogs she needs to read to get through the day

February 05, 2017

Mishayl Naek, writer, political economist, proud wearer of the messy topknot and (finally) founder of the Yummy Mummy Network, jots down the top seven blogs she needs to read to get through the day

The Atlantic

A throw back to my economist years at the State Bank where we all did ‘very important things’. This is great political and social commentary! It peppers its articles with real life anecdotes.

The Guardian

The online news source you choose is a serious decision, a personality indicator as reliable as a zodiac sign. I’ve been a happy Guardian addict since my university days in Bath, it being the student newspaper of choice due to slightly leftist leanings.

New York Magazine

This marked my jump from intellectual pursuits to the lifestyle genre. Covering the most important facets of life (news, food, fashion and TV shows), this was my gateway blog.


As a feminist, I find myself jaw dropping at a number of life situations and can trust Jezebel to do the same. I look forward to our own Pakistani version of the site, considering we’re at a tipping point with society demanding authenticity.

The Zoe Report

I have to admit reality TV is to blame for my extreme love for The Zoe Report. As a big fan of The Rachel Zoe Project, it was natural for me to subscribe to her website. After a rocky start, it’s now my favourite fashion fix to have with my morning coffee.


Now we truly enter style blog territory, with their short introductions and snappy picture captions. Why read when you can just click through the 10 must have leggings of the season?

Scary Mommy

I like to joke that mothers are the new socialites, but I definitely need my daily fix of Scary Mommy stories. Mostly so I know I’m not the only one crying in the bathroom because my child is outside screaming that she wants to play make believe with her ‘My Little Ponies’.

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