Daily grind: Samra Muslim

The energetic and delightful Founder and CEO of Walnut Communications spends a day with us

February 05, 2017

The energetic and delightful Founder and CEO of Walnut Communications spends a day with us. From making executive decisions and strategic plans all day, to having meetings over a delicious meal at Karachi’s hot spots — a day in her life is nothing short of an adventure


Fast asleep…


Don’t judge me, but I am still sleeping.


I wake up only to fight with my husband about who will open the door for our housekeeper. Neither of us is ready to get up, and yes we do this everyday — religiously.


I open one eye now to check my phone. I need the first 30-45 minutes of my day to deal with emails, messages and social media, before I get out of bed and face the day.


My treadmill is calling me. I am finally, fully awake and ready for my daily exercise routine, which comprises of a 30-45 minute brisk walk.


I then shower, change and eat my breakfast before heading off to the office. That is of course, if I don’t have an important meeting scheduled!


The chaos begins — emails, phone calls, and all-day meetings — literally nothing is predictable about the day from this point onwards.


The madness continues, and by now there is some shouting thrown in for effect!


More chaos, and by this time I need some food too.


I really need a head massage right now — but then I reconsider, thinking about who will deal with the deadlines for the day…


The team slowly starts to wrap up for the day, but it’s not over for me. Around this time I sit with the top management of Walnut Communications to make some executive decisions and partake in any strategic planning required.


Hunger and exhaustion both begin to set in. I also am in dire need for some good coffee. So I head out of my office and make plans to catch up with my friends unless I have another meeting scheduled with a potential client. Either way, my destination is either Xanders or Mews these days.


Some chatter, some coffee and some gossip — this is the perfect ending to yet another crazy day.


I am finally home! I rush to make sure dinner is immediately served. As you can tell, food is very important to me! My dinner partners are always my husband and one of my Archie comics.


At this point I am playing games on my cell phone, or I am catching up on everything I missed today on social media. This time is also when I spend some quality time with my family.


It’s time for bed, but reading before sleeping is a must for me, so I open up a book.


I am starting to doze off…


Down and out.

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