The Notepad: Sara Haider

The super-talented singer and songwriter, Sara Haider, lists down her favourite artists

January 22, 2017

The super-talented singer and songwriter, Sara Haider, lists down her favourite artists and how they have influenced her own music

Lin Manuel Miranda

He changed my life with his cast album for Hamilton. I would literally go to New York just to try and learn what he knows.

Ali Azmat/Junoon

The voice of our nation, and the pride of our music industry. The first of its kind and there will never be another. Ali Azmat made me sing out loud, and it didn’t matter what girls are ‘supposed to sound like’.

Michael Jackson

One in a billion, one in three billion. An incredible performer, who was decades ahead of his time, he didn’t create art…he was art. He singlehandedly changed the music industry worldwide, forever. His music is my guide and my inspiration.

Nayarra Noor

She has grace, poise, and a voice that drips with emotion and expression. She is the woman who made me understand Faiz Ahmed Faiz.


An incredible songwriter. I loved her on the Hamilton mix tape and I love Chandelier. She is very Adele-meets-Daft Punk. Raw, emotional, loud, she knows her voice and her sound. I’m a huge Sia fan.

Bruno Mars

My new favourite guy! A fabulous performer, who knows how to cater to today’s music market like no one else. It’s so much fun to perform to his songs live.


Their music made me who I am. Be yourself, be bold, be unapologetic.

Sanam Marvi

An authentic folk singer, and a true talent. I recently discovered Parchan Shaal Pawaar Dhola, and I’m a huge fan.

Steven Shwartz and Alan Menken

Their work raised a generation of siblings singing show tunes and Broadway duets together. When I’m really low I put on a Disney playlist and it instantly uplifts me. Their music is just phenomenal.



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