The corner: Layla Chatoor

Layla Chatoor, the creative luxury designer walks us through her favourite corner

Sanya Pervez Hussain January 08, 2017

Layla Chatoor, the creative luxury designer walks us through her favourite corner, her living room where she spends most of her time and feels most content

On a sunny winter afternoon, we visit Layla Chatoor’s beautiful home in Karachi. Chatoor greets us with a warm cup of tea and cookies before we begin our tour through her lovely space.

As we step into the living room, we take note of the Balinese-style aesthetic. Sunlight radiates through the floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlooks a luscious garden creating warmth and adding personality to the room. “The green garden connects me to nature, which in turn grounds me and gives me inspiration for new creative endeavours,” explains Chatoor while glancing at her garden, which she and her husband take great pride in.

“I wanted the living area to be a reflection of my personality — understated, minimal and modern,” says Chatoor. We come across a dark brown leather sofa and notice numerous family photos around the room. The leather sofa adds charm and once we seat ourselves on it, it doesn’t surprise us why Chatoor chose to place it in a space where she spends most of her time — the comfort. We also spot a striking green and pink Persian carpet from Afghan Carpet, which Chatoor claims is one her favourite pieces. For her, it brings with it a sense of warmth, dimension and personality.

A beautiful painting by Jamil Naqsh catches our eye. Upon inquiring, Chatoor explains her love for collecting artwork and paintings from around the world. “I love paintings, books and carpets, and we have collected several over the years. They tell stories of the journey and experiences I have had.” The coffee table books with candles, and shells on trays, give a New York City loft feel. Our host then opens the door to her fountain court, which features a massive structure in the centre, as well as charming wooden swings.

We look around to observe the details in her living space. From photographs to artwork to blue and white Renaissance chairs and ceramic pieces, this corner reflects on Chatoor’s soft and experimental personality.

Though she spends most of her time in here, whether it’s with her family or her ‘me’ time, Chatoor is able to maintain her corner spectacularly: “My house is very cosy and manageable. Since I wasn’t brought up here, I am very practical in my approach as to how the house should be managed and maintained. I get things done quite easily.”

Chatoor also hangs out with her friends or watches television in here. “I frequently entertain guests here too, but at the same time it is my comfort room. I’ve had so many people over for brunch, dinner, coffee or cosy gatherings, and most guests steer away from formal areas and gravitate into this space. It’s warm and welcoming.”

As we say our goodbyes, we thank Chatoor for her time and hospitality. On our walk out, she emphasises that her corner is to entertain guests but at the same time a creative place that inspires her to create each day. “This is one of the most special spaces in my house. Where God’s creations inspire me and give me the drive to do even more everyday,” she smiles.


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