Daily grind: Shammal Qureshi

Published: January 8, 2017

The talented entrepreneur and stylist responsible for bringing the global hairdressing brand Toni & Guy to Pakistan, breaks down his day for us, showing us a side of him we never knew!

5am: Fast asleep…

7am: At around 7:30am, I wake up, and the first thing I do is take my daughter Zoay and my dogs out for a walk. This is a great warm up for me before I head to the gym.

8am: It’s gym time! I start my daily routine, which lasts about an hour — after all looking good takes work.

9am: As soon as I am back from the gym, the first thing I do is hit the shower. My shampoo and conditioner of choice is from the new Label.m hair range for men. It gets you ready for the day — I absolutely love it.

10am: After my shower, I’m dressed and ready for breakfast. My breakfast is truly one for champions, it consists of a protein shake, Special K cereal and boiled eggs.

10:30am: Now it is time for my meetings with the marketing department and/or administrative team of Toni & Guy. After all, life does need some planning.

11am: I head to the academy around 11am, to teach the students there.

1:30pm: I take a lunch break now. My lunch usually consists of a salad, grilled chicken or roast beef and some fruit juice.

2pm: After lunch, it’s back to the grind — visiting the salon and catering to any of my appointments for the day. This is what I do for majority of the day.

6pm: I reach the SCAFA Cooking School, as I am training to be a chef and it is now time for class. These days I am trying to perfect my hollandaise sauce.

8pm: I’m back home just in time to get the dinner menu started.

9pm: After dinner it’s time for Zoay to get into bed, and as a ritual, I always tuck her in.

10pm: After my daughter is asleep, it’s time for me to spend some time with my wife. Usually we just find something to watch on Netflix.

11:30pm: Zzz…I follow this routine till Saturday, and then it’s party time!

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