Hope, fear and laughter: Twitter reacts to Trump's win the best way it knows how

Published: November 9, 2016

As the world turned its anxious gaze on the United States on Wednesday, the country’s 200 million-strong electorate chose Republican candidate Donald Trump as their 45th president.

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Needless to say, Trump’s win divided the internet and many were quick to take to social media, giving rise to some of the most amusing and ominous memes and reactions. Almost immediately, #Trumpwins began trending worldwide and here’s what followed…

Some compare the day to 9/11

Congratulations America!

Money can’t buy happiness but apparently it can buy a country..

And we thought Brexit was bad…

It gets more amusing!

All hail America’s new first lady

On a more serious note..

Everyone breathe… and repeat

Everyone in America right now.. #Election #DonaldTrump #HillaryClinton (@nymag) #WSHH

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