Frugal fashion: 6 ways to repurpose makeup you already own

Six amazing ways you can repurpose some of your favourite beauty products

Amna Hashmi October 27, 2016

You might already be using eye shadow as a highlighter or brow filler but have you ever considered using chafing gel as a primer? Nope?  Yeah, we thought as much.

There is nothing better than a double-duty beauty product, especially for those operating on a budget. But this list of beauty hacks puts even the most useful of tools to shame.  As compiled from The Huffington Post, behold six amazing ways you can repurpose some of your favourite beauty products.

1) Use liquid eyeliner to draw nail art

Did you know that you can also use any regular liquid eyeliner to fix chips in dark nail polish? Simply apply the liquid to the troubled spot, wait for it to dry, apply topcoat and voila! That manicure you spent so much money on is good as new.

2) Use mascara as a brow gel

You may have been advised to never use black mascara on your eyebrows, but for many people with black hair, it can actually work wonders. All you have to do is make sure you apply the mascara as lightly as you can, lest you end up with dark clumps on your face.

3) Use a primer to touch up winged eyeliner gone awry

Every woman in the world would likely testify to how much a hassle the perfect eyeliner can be. In fact, it’s probably one of the top reasons why women are late so often – that wing just won’t fly! But the good news is that a little bit of silicone primer applied with an angled brush can help. So the next time you mess it up, use the primer to clean up the shoddy wing and reapply the eyeliner. This trick will not only save you ample time but also doesn’t run the risk of ruining the rest of your eye makeup.

4) Ditch your usual eyeshadow for bronzer on hot, humid days

If sweating is a problem, this tip is for you! When the temperatures escalate and so do your fashion needs, why not switch your usual eyeshadow for a liquid bronzer? The latter is much more sweat-proficient and will not melt off the eyelids as regular eyeshadow might.

5) Change up your lip colour with eyeshadow

Use eyeshadow to mattify your lipstick and give it a whole new shade. According to many women, the liquid lipstick + eyeshadow + lip balm equation equals lips that can survive anything – even the gooey-ist of sandwiches.

6) Use eyeshadow primer to solve your slippery eyeglasses woes

This unexpected beauty hack is just so darn smart! If your eyeglasses are prone to sliding down your nose, we suggest that you head to the nearest cosmetics store and invest in some eyeshadow primer. Start applying the miracle product to the bridge of your nose, where your glasses touch your skin, and notice that it helps them stay on top.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 28th, 2016.

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