Ghairat and other issues

Published: February 17, 2011
The writer is a lawyer and hosts “24 Seven” on Business Plus

The writer is a lawyer and hosts “24 Seven” on Business Plus

All news space, electronic and print, all newsmakers be they government, opposition or non-government, and pretty much everyone with a beard, turban or both, is preoccupied with Raymond Davis and the mystery of his visa. It’s a story that started with people drawing parallels with B-grade Hollywood films starring George Segal, but has since been upgraded to a film worthy, at the very least, of Harrison Ford.

So we froth and fume over Davis. Our religious parties rush out on to the streets and our politicians to television talk shows where the street sees them daily in the safety of their homes. All of them, the army, religious parties, rightwing political forces, opposition parties, nationalist parties and, to a lesser extent, the government know the score but cannot bring themselves to saying it like it is.

For six decades, we have systematically destroyed all that is required to build a country and equip its people to live and survive in a world that is globalised and hierarchical. We are so wrapped up in a false sense of self and so self-absorbed that we seem to have little or no understanding of how the world works or how it sees us. This lack of understanding just makes us reactive. Tell any Pakistani that we are isolated and they react with strategic depth and the nuclear power theory. The truth is, forget the US, UK and Europe where visas make life difficult. Just take a look around the neighbourhood. The Indians hate us, the Afghans despise us, the Iranians and Arabs look at us with unveiled contempt, the Chinese, who knows what the Chinese think, they smile a lot and tell us to make friends with our neighbours. Even the Sri Lankans now require us to get a visa. And what’s worse is we don’t even like ourselves. We are constantly pulling each other down and do all we can to ensure that no one succeeds.

What else can we do when we have invested our future, not in our people, not in their education, betterment, advancement or progress but in a nuclear arsenal and military might? A huge standing army does not add up to much other than a land grab and a drain on resources. No education, on the other hand, adds up to a lot. It adds up to a closed mind, to no understanding, to no access to information, no ability to advance oneself, to no control over oneself, to having no choices, to not being able to exercise choices that one should have. An educated mother does not just mean an educated family; it could mean much more, a smaller healthier family which, in turn, means less stress on limited resources. It adds up to buying in to the strategic depth and nuclear arsenal. It adds up to chauvinism of the worst kind and places a pugree on its ugly head. It adds up to a lot of noise and no substance.

Most of all, it adds up to a mindset that is out to destroy Pakistan. When people, particularly young people, ask the question ‘why’, we, as a nation, are not equipped to answer them. Our silence allows space to those who have an answer. And that answer comes with a suicide jacket. It is the only answer they are getting and, as we have seen to our own horror, imbibing.

This is not a problem restricted to segments of society, it appears to be pervasive. We know everything and we know best. Instead of listening, learning, following markets, being relevant and being players we are happiest sitting out, talking loudly, claiming to know everything and asking for aid. We want tariffs changed but won’t change our product range. Did you know that more American men wear boxers but we continue making briefs and just want a bigger quota for our briefs on a lower tariff. Makes absolute sense, after all briefs are nice and tight and will keep a firm grip on the world’s b***s.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 18th, 2011.

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  • Mr D
    Feb 17, 2011 - 11:35PM

    You certainly seem to have much knowledge about what American men wear beneath their pants. Even the change in trend hasn’t escaped you. Kudos!Recommend

  • rehan
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:06AM

    Nice.Your last sentence is just too hilarious!…you mean we are trying to grip the sole Superpower’s b*s??Recommend

  • Pakistani Canadian
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:37AM

    Decent writeup, but the following is an interesting idea…

    “What else can we do when we have invested our future, not in our people, not in their education, betterment, advancement or progress but in a nuclear arsenal and military might?”

    Although I agree with most of your points, I don’t think one can criticize our leaders for pursuing a nuclear weapons program. The reality is that, given our relationship with India, we had no choice but to follow suit once they had blinked first with the Smiling Buddha test. The balance of power in South Asia was absolutely necessary.

    The military spending, and the false sense of their ‘might’, is quite unfortunate. Our Armed Forces has this sense of entitlement to Pakistan and in running the country and her affairs because of the ‘sacrifices’ they have made over the years. Considering they have yet to keep us safe, and failed so miserably in keeping the country together in 1971, it is the very epitome of beghairati. Recommend

  • Waqas Ali Muluk
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:45AM

    Very Well WrittenRecommend

  • Peace On Earth
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:55AM

    The hypocrisy and sheer silliness of Pakistanis amazes me to no end. Pakistanis I have met boast of the wonderful opportunities in the Gulf States where our so-called Muslim brothers open their arms and welcome us.

    This is far from reality. In actuality, Pakistani laborers are treated as third-class citizens. I have seen many laborers who wish to go shopping in the malls or eat at restaurants denied admission solely because they are poor laborers who are not wealthy like their Arab counterparts.

    It is beyond my understanding how our politicians rail against India, America, and the UK but support the Gulf States despite the fact that Pakistanis are treated as dogs and slaves. At least in the West, most people respect you if you are hard-working and honest and will not stop you from enjoying the privileges afford to native citizens.

    Such is not the case in the Middle East. Even during the Hajj, Muslims segregate themselves with Nigerians and other Africans praying in different areas than Arabs. The wealthy sleep and rest in air conditioned tents while the poor have to bask in the brutal heat and drink water from a communal area.

    Where is this so-called Muslim brotherhood? We need to just look at ourselves and realize that, if non-Pakistani Muslims look to us with contempt than why do we continue to lambaste the West but not question the treatment that the Gulf States and Arabs give us?Recommend

  • Arindom
    Feb 18, 2011 - 1:14AM

    What the Chinese think? They take Pakistan just as they take North Korea.

    The Chinese back North Korea so as to ensure that it doesnot collapse and have South Korea take over. This will result in American soldiers on Chinese borders!! Similarly, the Chinese smile broadly a lot and use Pakistan to keep India (and the rest of the world) focused on the India-Pakistan border and not Northwards towards Tibet which is China’s achilles’ heel!! Besides, it helps China to dump it’s cheap junk on the 180 million populace in Pakistan….Recommend

  • ali
    Feb 18, 2011 - 2:00AM

    lol last para is epic. looks like all the anger is coming out in this articleRecommend

  • Sarkish
    Feb 18, 2011 - 2:12AM

    Along with the army and the nuclear arsenal there’s also the elite of Pakistan. Our elite classes bear just as much responsiblity for the mess we’re in as anyone else. If they had paid any attention to the betterment of pakistani society instead of only exploiting the heavenly gift that fell in their laps, we could’ve been much better off.
    The liberal elites (I’m assuming you’re one), love to berate the fundos and sometimes with good reason. However, what’s your contribution to Pakistan ? In the west, so many schools and universities, hospitals, charitable organisations , research facilities, great libraries were founded and funded by forward thinking, responsible individuals from their elite classes. They took active interest in advancing their societies. How many examples of that do we have in Pakistan? No, the govt must do everything and everything is govt’s fault. Where is your contribution to the country and the people who pay for your A levels, your western education and your holidays in the swiss alps?
    You are just as much a part of the problem because you have never been part of the solution. Recommend

  • Preeto
    Feb 18, 2011 - 3:43AM

    These are ideas that need to be expressed more widely in our society. We have created a homogenous society that listens to no other voice except our own. ‘We are right and you are wrong’ is our doctrine. Building a strong military and nuclear programme has given us nothing. By stripping away our culture and depriving people of basic rights such as education and healthcare, we have deprived them of a future. Recommend

  • Salma
    Feb 18, 2011 - 4:13AM

    This article is so embarrassingly BAD and crass that I don’t know where to begin. It seems the author has randomly collected a variety of cringeworthy assertions and somehow tried to weave a cobweb around her own personal prejudices. Yes, we have problems – but such cartoon analysis betrays a lack of intellectual depth and nuance.Recommend

  • Singh
    Feb 18, 2011 - 4:44AM

    On the contrary pakistan notorious media,gives prime time to zaid hamid who talks about conquering india:)Recommend

  • Truthseeker
    Feb 18, 2011 - 5:53AM

    Since the day Pakistan got independence, it has been dependent on USA financial assistance to the extent that even Quaid-i- Azam was forced to ask USA in October 1947 for two billion dollars loan.More than a quarter of this amount ($510 million) was to be allocated for defence expenditure.

    ‘Mindset’ that is being blamed to chart a course for the destruction of Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. This was the unfortunate ‘fortune’ which Pakistan got in shape of corrupt politicians defined as ‘bad apples’ by the father of the nation.Pakistani ‘mindset’ was shaped by politicians like Mumtaz Daultana, who in 1952 for political expediency,
    diverted for propaganda against his political rivals to destabalise the federal government without the parliament’s permission, a sum of Rupees Two Hundred Thousands which was reserved for literacy.

    Another vocal faction of society which is responsible for influencing the ‘mindset’ of educated class is the progeny of that reformer whose respose to Quaid-i-Azam’s request to pray for Pakistan was that ‘How could I pray for NaPakistan( Impure). But after the independence he begged for his safety from the same ‘Impure land’.In 1944, 300 of his political party members were expelled from the party for using their democratic voice of dissent. And today, these pseudo- heralds of democracy in Pakistan are bent upon silencing all the voices of dissent.

    The descendants of Quaid’s ‘Bad Apples’ are delusional to the extent that they believe Chinese are incapable to realise this mindset, when it quotes Iqbal, to crow about the present turmoil in the Middle East as a harbinger of things to come,
    Neel kay Sahil Say Laykar Ta Bakhake Kashghar
    Do they think China does not know as to where is Kashgar(Kashi in Chinese).

    The uniqueness of this nuclear power is constant loadshedding of electricity and gas.
    Pakistan’s nuclear capability reminds one of an ironic joke that for some unknown reasons a family of ‘eunuchs’ was bestowed with a son. The family went wild with ecstasy and killed the new born by smothering him with kisses. Nuclear empowerment is a worst kind of trade-off for literacy and healthcare.

    When one is close minded ‘educated’ then one will only believe and trust which has an unidentified source provided it commensurate with the internal ingrained prejudices.The search for truth is a time consuming effort, and prejudice is an easy substitute, so why bother and listen to the other side of the story as it is waste of time. Recommend

  • vasan
    Feb 18, 2011 - 6:21AM

    “The truth is, forget the US, UK and Europe where visas make life difficult. Just take a look around the neighbourhood. The Indians hate us, the Afghans despise us, the Iranians and Arabs look at us with unveiled contempt, the Chinese, who knows what the Chinese think, they smile a lot and tell us to make friends with our neighbours. Even the Sri Lankans now require us to get a visa”
    Must congratulate the author for being bold and blunt. Truth couldnt have been written in a better wayRecommend

  • Ahmed
    Feb 18, 2011 - 7:59AM

    lol i really like the way you make the davis affair sound so absurd and non serious.Recommend

  • Maulana Diesel
    Feb 18, 2011 - 8:10AM

    Tammy dont tell us tell the tv talk show hosts who are the biggest ‘thekadars’ of ghairat. Tell the people who were showering rose petals on Quadri. Recommend

  • sanjithmenon
    Feb 18, 2011 - 8:46AM

    I was reading Iqbals “shikwa” the other day. Penned about 100 years ago. Yes time has gone so fast but still Pakistani lament remains the same. It is a sad spectacle , that never seems to change.
    “The tragedy is while kafirs are with houries actually blest,
    On vague hopes of houries in heaven the Muslim race is made to rest!”

    “Who broke the idols of the primitive folks?
    Who fought the kafirs, massacred their hordes?”

    “Poverty, taunts, ignominy stare us in the face,
    Is humiliation the sole reward of our suffering race?”

    And Gods answer,

    “Muslims have vanished from earth,” this is what we hear,
    but we ask, ” Were the Muslims ever the Jewish sects.

    You are Nisars by your looks, but Hindus by conduct,
    Your culture puts to shame even the Jewish sects.”

    “One Kaaba, one Allah, and one Quran inspire their heart,
    Why can’t the Muslims then behave like a single lot?”

    So the search for Islamic purity and Khilafat goes on……., the kids are starving at home, but that doesnt matter. Recommend

  • SKChadha
    Feb 18, 2011 - 9:22AM

    Ayesha – I may correct you that Indians do not hate normal Pakistani citizen. They only feel pity for them. Recommend

  • Maria
    Feb 18, 2011 - 9:43AM

    I think Arindom forgets that the whole world is addicted to “cheap” Chinese products. What he may describe as “cheap” are very sought after goods in North America and if he bemoans China’s status as a growing superpower, he only shows his own insecurity. I frankly believe that China smiles with concern at Pakistan’s challenges because they do feel a sense of solidarity with Pakistan. And yes I do admire that the Chinese have proven to be more than fair weather friends. While I understand the gist of what the author is saying, she conveniently forgets that our military is obliged to keep on its toes for precisely the reasons why some of our neighbours hate us. India forced Pakistan’s hands when they exploded nuclear weapons in 1999. Moreover the entire nuclear arms race in South Asia was brought about by the Indians. Returning to our neighbours, Afghanistan has been a lackey of India from the time of our independence from Britain. India has never reconciled itself to Pakistan. This is the reality. Yes we must devote more on dealing with the basic needs of our population but I am sure many a Pakistani would prefer to be a poor citizen of Pakistan than be threatened by the military of our neighbours. Whether or not the Arabs treat Third World labourers from South Asia, the Phillipines or Africa badly matters little in this equation since many Arab states seem to be teetering on their own abyss of instability.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia
    Feb 18, 2011 - 9:44AM

    Dear Ayesha Tammy Haq,

    No matter how isolated Pakistan become Indians will never leave us alone, see the number of Indians in ET and other Pakistani news websites, giving suggestion about Pakistan future and calling 180 million people as silly, idiots and whatever, who have worlds one of the most ancient and rich civilization. the more Pakistan is getting isolated the more Indians are getting affection with Pakistan and her people, culture, her religious beliefs, her politics, her military e.t.c. they are making movies about Pakistan so desperately that they have to recreate a ‘Pakistan’ in India because they are not getting permission to shoot their Pakistan based movies in Pakistan.

    Ayesha! Don’t worry we will never be isolated, Indians are there! They will keep guessing
    “Pakistan hate us, Pakistan hate us not”

    Because Indian born, live and die for this guess :)Recommend

  • Ali
    Feb 18, 2011 - 9:48AM

    Let me tell you what chinese think since i m in close contacts with a lot of chinese. they dont like us, because just because of our friendship with china, the chinese are not enjoying good terms with India, which is also deterring bilateral trades between India and China, :) and you know china is going all nuts to promote their Trade… Its a forced friendly relationship between China and Pakistan which is more of a mythical and historical in nature and we keep singing this song of friendship :)Recommend

  • Wow
    Feb 18, 2011 - 10:34AM

    An educated mother does not just mean an educated family; it could mean much more,
    Excellent !!! I have written in comments on ET about need to educate women to solve every mess in Pak society but no one took notice of it . May your voice be heard in the noise of so called religious party who treat women as animalsRecommend

  • ani
    Feb 18, 2011 - 11:09AM

    How many balls does Pakistan want to juggle? Anything more than two would be awkward. It should size its briefs accordingly – the content of which must be treated as internal affairs. No point in enlarging the brief with tools of strategic depth. That only means trouble. Recommend

  • Imme
    Feb 18, 2011 - 11:33AM

    well written and truly reflects our mentality as nation ….Recommend

  • Ummi Khann
    Feb 18, 2011 - 11:44AM

    If billions of dollars looted from this country, shifted to Swiss banks, written off loans are brought back to the national treasure and spend on education, health & financial security of common people, all these problems can be solved… If our country becomes sovereign, stop taking Dictations from USA and make there home made economic & foreign policies instead looking to beg all the times, Then the self-respect & our image in world can be restored back. So corruption & down to earth sovereignty are the main obstacles in progression of this countryRecommend

  • Arifq
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:01PM

    Dear Writer, you are being way too nice, reality is we are dealing with an establishment driven by fascist tendencies. Recommend

  • Aftb Ahmad
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:17PM

    That same advocacy of US. I don’t know why we hate ourselves so much and love others. Their might be some problems within our society but doesn’t mean that we are totally unfit for the rest of the world. But I do agree with some of your points Miss…….Recommend

  • Ammar
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:20PM

    An educated mother can ensure the right definition of Ghairat and a progressive society. Thanks for this write-up!Recommend

  • NB
    Feb 18, 2011 - 12:48PM

    I agree 100% with your analysis. Recommend

  • Tony Singh
    Feb 18, 2011 - 1:30PM

    Cut this crap of India not reconciled with creation of Pakistan. Even after loosing everything our parents and grandparents made a new begining in India and we the first generation born in independent India are very happy that our forefathers made the right choice of migrating here. Its the Pakistanis who have not reconciled to the fact that they have lost rule over Delhi If we Indians had territorial ambitions, Pakistan would have been annexed long back. We would have assimiliated Bangladesh into India. Its you Pakistanis (like Zaid Hamid??) who are dreaming of unfurling your flag on Red Fort propogating some “Ghawa -E -Hind” crap
    1. China does push rejected by developed countries into other countries. The goods sent to west are of much superior quality than those sold in developing countries.Recommend

  • Ahmad
    Feb 18, 2011 - 2:30PM

    I guess men in Pakistan must have a firm grip on the their bs that way they will
    “have a *
    family” for sure. Population control is the way out of all the problems of the world.Recommend

  • Feb 18, 2011 - 4:03PM

    Pakistan as nation needs a proper treatment of surgical operation of our establishment’s stature bringing the looters and corrupt leader to the justice.
    All looted money needs to be recovered and paid in foreign debt and the system which provide them immunity and make them in power must be abolished by a revolution.
    A middle class culture may be introduced in Pakistan from top to bottom level, only this way we could survive as a nation otherwise these leaders are no more different to those who helped British rule in India while “mujahideen jang azadi “1857 were fighting.Recommend

  • n
    Feb 18, 2011 - 4:06PM

    Udoubtedly well written and wonderfully concluded!
    Stay happy for a while and enjoy as since Davis is in there has been no drone….Take this time to think positive and for the people. :)Recommend

  • sanjithmenon
    Feb 18, 2011 - 4:08PM

    @Tony Singh: Well said tony . Pakistan still suffers from phantom pains, over loosing Delhi.
    Look at the millions of refugees who came to India, from Pakistan, all of them, are successfully integrated into India. But what about the Muslims who went to Pakistan, they had to Organize something like MQM, to get ahead, and look at what they did to Karachi? Recommend

  • amoghavarsha.ii
    Feb 18, 2011 - 4:46PM

    This is really a good and bold one from serious female writer.
    Also touching upon pakistans trading.
    Yes I was wondering why common pakistanis are not interested to make money.
    I am sure there should be lot of oppourtunities to make money legally, I mean seriously legally. Because there are not much laws defined by pakistan on that.

    Money is one thing which diverts attention even from religion.
    I think pak military is adapting to this more, to circumvent religious influence.Recommend

  • Feb 18, 2011 - 4:50PM

    it is the fact, whatever u have written in ur article, but the one fundamental question, i would like from all the stakeholders of this state and the politicians, is this the same PAKISAN for which the muslims of subcontinent made struggle and rendered physical as well as financial sacrifices, and what after the creation of pakistan, were the people living in federating units of country given equal and fair deal, never never never never, if it has been so, than we did not had lost east pakistan, alas unfortuantley we did not learn the lesson from the dismemberment of east pakistan, rather still we are playing games with this land, and i think what will be the future of pakistan, no one knows. Recommend

  • Meekal Ahmed
    Feb 18, 2011 - 5:31PM

    I agree with those who take exception to the idea of “cheap” Chinese goods. They may be cheap but they have quality and the latter, not price alone, is what is making their exports grow.

    China has its interests; all nations do. But they have been our good friends. Without them (and others) we would not have the nuclear arsenal that we brag about ad nausea. Recommend

  • Ali
    Feb 18, 2011 - 6:26PM

    Education, education education… ESPECIALLY of Women… there should be a national campaign launched by the govt. i’m surprised all the female parliamentarians haven’t already done so!Recommend

  • harkol
    Feb 18, 2011 - 6:50PM

    What amazes me is how so many pakistani’s think China will be behind them should push comes to shove in case of India!!

    The China and India have co-existed peacefully for over 4000+ years of their recorded history, bar one border skirmish that was caused largely Nehru’s foolishness. There are no ideological problems between China and India, they just have a few border disputes, which both know can’t be resolved by force and also have decided keep in back burner for pursuit of growth.

    On the other hand India has never had a good relationship with its western flank. There is no instance of an Indian (Read Hindu/Buddhist) rulers having attacked west either, but, It was repeatedly attacked from the west by many Islamic Ghazi’s and then Mangols (mughal?). Majority of Indians have reconciled and relieved with the existence of Pakistan, but they never want repetetion of 1300+ years of history of repeated Muslim rides into India – Most recent being the Mumbai attack.

    It seems to me the Pakistan army & extremists, who claim the legacy of Muslim domination of India, can’t reconcile to being made a bit player.Recommend

  • Feb 18, 2011 - 7:10PM


    Thanks for your sensible comments. These brainwashed Pakistani windbags are incapable of grasping the obvious truth that they and their privileged class are the principal reason for the widespread illiteracy in Pakistan. These hypocrites have alienated themselves from ordinary people by building a wall of English around themselves and shutting out fellow Pakistanis. They won’t budge from their comfortable drawing rooms and do something positive for the dispossessed Pakistanis.

    The case of Raymond Davis has provided us with an opportunity to distinguish between journalists and writers of conscience and those who hawk it around.Recommend

  • Ram
    Feb 18, 2011 - 7:10PM


    India has reconciled to the existence of Pakistan and beyond. Indian just want Pakistan to grow up and be responsible.

    Light doesn’t get to the depth of your ignorance about India and beyond. Recommend

  • Ram
    Feb 18, 2011 - 7:14PM

    @Naeem Siddiqui, Australia:

    “No matter how isolated Pakistan become Indians will never leave us alone, see the number of Indians in ET and other Pakistani news websites, giving suggestion about Pakistan future and calling 180 million people as silly, idiots and whatever, who have worlds one of the most ancient and rich civilization”.

    Really, you are not talking about civilization in Pakistan, are you? When did Pakistan started following Vedic Philosophy, that would ba an earth staeering news ignored by the entire world.

    Please enlighten, I am confused.Recommend

  • Feb 18, 2011 - 8:39PM

    An inspiring, eye-opening and LOL-inducing opinion piece.
    You are right in most ways, although replacing or weakening the Armed Forces is the last thing to ask for when the mullahs own the streets and the military is the only thing stopping the Taliban from coming between the TV viewer and your TV show. Also, I don’t think the Army has had an ‘open’ opinion ‘out on the streets’ over the Raymond Davis issue, which is an internal law & order matter for the police and Interior Ministry to handle.
    That doesn’t mean we don’t educate our masses, or give them basic state services like health and law & order, or give them jobs and make their businesses safer and more prosperous, or give them more opportunities of different kinds. Most of that is the government’s job. The government has to control expenditure in a lot of things, and defence is just one of those things (I was going to say briefs, but I changed my mind). But you can’t do the right thing in a stupid way, and I just want to point that out to you and your audience.

    We as Pakistanis need to continue to ask ‘why’. If we have answers, we should share them, and if we don’t, we should aid in the search for those answers. Because if we stop asking questions, if we stop developing – and learning from our mistakes – as individuals and as a society, then we will be giving a very ominous message to our youth, the future of Pakistan. What good will we be doing to the rote-learning ethos of our three-layered education system if we simply remove the urge to question from the minds of those Pakistanis who live in Pakistan? Because the Pakistanis living outside Pakistan – and in free and democratic societies – have questions; they ask questions; they get answers; they get satisfaction; and they move on. If we want to think for Pakistan, we must first think for ourselves and question authority? I don’t buy that logic. We need to think, to ask, to question, to solve, and to resolve our outstanding issues. We as a society need to undertaken this personal struggle, this private daily mission, to tackle extremism with moderation, to defeat intolerance with discourse.

    Having said all that, Pakistan’s women need to take the lead role in fixing our society – from security and terrorism, to economy and society. For more than 60 years Pakistan’s rulers have acted like chauvinistic pigs descended from the royal womb of the Mughals themselves. If the Pakistani mindset has to be fixed – that the world is hierarchical and we don’t have anyone by the b—s – then the women need to take their rightful place in society and, if need be, taken hold of the men by their b—s.
    Otherwise have fun with your 800-1200 words of ’emancipation’, ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom of expression’. Recommend

  • karachiite2
    Feb 18, 2011 - 8:55PM

    @Sanjithmemon : they had to Organize something like MQM, to get ahead, and look at what they did to Karachi?

    what did they do? pray enlighten us?Recommend

  • allah+rakha
    Feb 18, 2011 - 10:00PM

    @Pakistani Canadian:
    Mr.Canadian,…..balance of power or ability to implement aggression….look at all the wars with india …and find out if – who attacked first.You have youtube I guess… Dont give me bangladesh as everyone knows what we did with them first and how india was taking hordes of Bangladeshi displaced people. Importantly, it was an intervention sanctioned by the UN not a Kargil or Gibraltors as our army generals had tried to pull off in the past.In fact the friends of Pakistan or so called Ummat did not utter a word in our defence in 1971…so please get your facts right.
    This arm build up is nothing but a tool of waderas and zamindaars in this land of Quaid to control and rule over the common man in Pakistan.

    I still say khuda hafiz.Recommend

  • observer
    Feb 18, 2011 - 10:23PM

    Did you know that more American men wear boxers but we continue making briefs and just want a bigger quota for our briefs on a lower tariff.

    Actually, the Americans shifting to boxers while Pakistan is busy making briefs, exposes the Yhood, Hanood Nasra conspiracy,their sham secularism and sham democracy. Recommend

  • Singh
    Feb 18, 2011 - 10:45PM

    Why cant pakistan reunite with india?

    Economic and political integration of south asia will end all disputes and kick americans out of pakistan affair.

    India and pakistan both form one of the poorest nation in world.Future geopolitical games are going to hamper growth in the region(rise of china will compel it to start intervening in pakistan affairs).Recommend

  • Arindom
    Feb 19, 2011 - 3:34AM

    @Maria — you missed my point!!! ( and please donot get so emotional)

    The West has developed Advanced Technology and Services which the Chinese will give their right arm for! They do not need to worry so much about the Chinese exporting toilet paper and cheap T-Shirts to them….the West is technologically far advanced than China.

    However, when China dumps cheap junk on Pakistan, it wipes out Pakistan’ entire small and middle industries section in Pakistan. When China dumps cheap T-shirts on Pakistan, it’s entire Textile industry is threatened!!!

    Please remember, Chinese dumping junk on the West and dumping the same junk on Pakistan and two entirely different effects!!!Recommend

  • Halagu khan
    Feb 19, 2011 - 10:48AM

    Pakistan is no longer a country, It never was in the first place. There is no parallel in history wherein a large part of Children have declared to be different and cut themselves off from the Body of Parent only because they started practicing some other creed. nations are forged on many things,jsut to put forth a few…

    Race – (Aryans in case of Indians and Pakistanis)
    Culture -(Indic)
    Religion- (Can be anything)
    Language -(Urdu is nothing but Hindi with some arabic words thrown in, don’t want to tal about punjabi origins)

    Religion is just one of the 4 main constituents. We made it the only one that matters. One can’t survive on religion. The religions of the world population will keep on changing based on the arrival of new ‘messiah’ or Rasul or Prophet. Religions come forth due to Socio-economic issues and they evaporate into thin air over a period of time. Our ancestors were Sanatani (hindus) and we converted largely due to muslim onslaught and economic gains(further career) or save skin (in case of Allama Iqbal’s grandfather theft punishment).

    Today the same marauders have become Heroes (Qassim). Let us correct the narrative first. We are not Arabs, We are Indics. Once we accept this, the hegemony of Army on resources of Pakistan will go just like that.

    Articles like these , though nice sounding are meaningless as they don’t strike at the root of evil – The false belief that we are Arabs and start finding solace in “Not Indian”.

    Make peace with Past and learn to love the land that fed our forefathers and may continue to feed our grandchildren only if we make peace with the religion of our forefathers. Otherwise I see nothing but ruined cities with poor, naked people in countryside.
    This undue importance to Islam has given us nothing but pain and misery. we have become the rent boy of Anglo-saxon interests while India continues to grow.Recommend

  • Halagu khan
    Feb 19, 2011 - 10:52AM

    @semrez my friend,
    Army is not the one stopping the mullahs , It is one courting mullahs to deflect attention from real issues like Education, Healthcare, Employment. Mullahs help in deluding the population by talking about religion and making sure that poor Abdul accepts the status quo as Ordained by Allah.Recommend

  • Hanif Awan
    Feb 19, 2011 - 1:25PM

    Great.I have been FORCED to accept your wisdom to analyse the real PROBLEMS, we are facing.But,rest assure ,we are not going to QUESTION even.QURAAN truly describes” SMMUN,BUKMUN, UMYUN,FAHUM LA YUBSEROON”Recommend

  • rehan
    Feb 19, 2011 - 5:34PM

    @SK Chaddha. Tell BAAL THACKERAY to “pity” the sentiments of the Pakistani Cricket Team and stop issuing TERRORIST threats and let them play with a piece of mind.Recommend

  • rehan
    Feb 19, 2011 - 5:38PM

    @Tony Singh. We ALSO salute OUR forefathers!Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • Saint
    Feb 20, 2011 - 12:25AM

    I have no objections if Pakistan and india unites, but the name of the new entity should be PAKISTANRecommend

  • karachiite
    Feb 20, 2011 - 2:47AM

    @Singh:”Why cant pakistan reunite with india?”

    Thank you for reinforcing our point which your fellow country men have been trying so hard to deny. Pakistan is here to stay , get over it!Recommend

  • Raj
    Feb 20, 2011 - 6:50PM

    Words Pakistani and Ghairat cannot be imagined in same sentence. “Be-ghairto aap yeh bataien jo sirf aap ke pass hai kissi aur ke pass nahin hai” Hassan NisarRecommend

  • Ariel
    Feb 21, 2011 - 1:56PM

    This indeed was a great hard-hitting article. The comments by Truth Seeker and Peace on Earth are equally commendable. These comments and the article itself represent the silent voices of the minority of Pakistani society.Recommend

  • Zahid Hussain
    Feb 28, 2011 - 12:11AM

    @ Ayesha

    I admire your approach. Even Islam allows a person to accept money in exchange for an individuals life. So what is wrong if a country does so in the larger interest of its very economic survival.

    But may I ask you, if the money for which we are advised to sacrifice justice is not meant for those in whose name that money is acquired then, isn’t it better to go for justice instead of money?

    Is it advisable to remain financially dependent even if we have to sacrifice our national security? It is not what Davis did to two persons, it is what he was doing in Pakistan in his official capacity? Does the law of the land or international law allow even a diplomat to do that and get away with it without at least “answering a few important questions?” This is what Pakistan’s government and law enforcing agencies are engaged in. The shouting in the street and condemnation of the same in the columns both are wrong. We must remain focused on an action and its overall impact. It is not a matter that concerns bi-lateral economic relations, it is a matter that will expose the real culprits behind the war against terror, extremism and intoleration in Pakistan.

    You will ultimately find out who is behind the acts of terror in Pakistan: Religious fanatics or a group of unidentified Raymonds active across Pakistan. Recommend

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