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Published: February 15, 2011
PPP spokeswoman Fauzia Wahab recently said that Raymond Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity. PHOTO: FILE/APP

PPP spokeswoman Fauzia Wahab recently said that Raymond Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity. PHOTO: FILE/APP

The confusion over the Raymond Davis affair continues. The divergent statements coming from various PPP members add to this — especially when combined with the fact that the matter is before a court. It has also, apparently, cost former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi his job. The lack of agreement over whether or not Davis has diplomatic immunity and whether all the technical requirements in this respect had been fulfilled, has lingered on since the consulate employee shot dead two young men in the crowded Mozang area of Lahore late last month. PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab’s most recent statement — maintaining that Davis is indeed protected by immunity and cannot be prosecuted — simply adds to the chaos. The law minister immediately said that Ms Wahab was making a ‘personal’ comment and the courts would decide the matter, while the same line has been taken by the Foreign Office in talks with the US ambassador in Islamabad.

Some two weeks after the incident, we still do not know exactly who Raymond Davis is; neither do we know exactly what happened at Mozang and, of course, we can only guess what will happen in the future. Ms Wahab’s comments, however, imply that her party may be considering giving in to mounting US pressure, even if this comes at the cost of our sovereignty. Islamabad has, after all, lost large portions of this already — as a result of drone attacks and other acts that assert Washington’s supremacy over us. The fact is that Mr Davis shot dead two people in broad daylight. It is odd we still know only little about who these men were and why they were carrying a gun. The third victim, run over by a consulate vehicle, appears to have been forgotten almost entirely.

The rule of law needs to be adhered to in the Davis case. But the mysteries that surround the affair need also to be solved. They go well beyond the issue of diplomatic immunity and raise key questions about what exactly is happening on our soil and for what reasons.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 16th, 2011.

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  • usman
    Feb 16, 2011 - 12:33AM

    raymond davis has no immunity as per to US statement that his name is not raymond davis which clearly means that American diplomats sent abroad hide their identity which is the breach of treaty and no such immunity allows no one even diplomat to carry guns also immnunity cannot be entertained if the person even diplomat has done any crime or he has any pending court case.
    what a diplomat who fires 14 shots inside the car while driving through the wind screen and hit all perfect shots in the back of the bike rider?
    American governtment is so desperate and lost that they are interpreting the immnunity agreement as per to their interest but raymond davis as technical staff mentioned itself in his statement and also US embassy, has no immunity and why is he so important to US that they want to shut all friendship doors with Pakistan.
    well we dont need such friendship and we must not release raymond davis as its the matter of shame for US goventment giving different statements to get their citizen which people of Pakistan believe is not a normal man but for sure is the criminal.Recommend

  • Opp
    Feb 16, 2011 - 1:16AM

    How long does it take to prove one’s actual identity.
    It actually makes no sense even to the insane that,
    Mr. Reymond Davis or whatever his actual name may
    be was carrying a weapon, used it on some actual living
    human targets, was unable to prove his identity
    or the actual motive for the murders that he committed at
    the time and was driving a (Non US Consulate vehicle).

    We all know what kind of proof may be provided in
    Pakistan within the period this government & judiciary
    have provided to Mr. Davis in this matter.

    The judiciary requires evidence, witnesses, proof and
    all of this is readily available in Pakistan at a cost. So

    Good bye Mr. DavisRecommend

  • Hamid Siddiqui
    Feb 16, 2011 - 10:04AM

    I read jokes made about SHAH MAHMOOD by different people, calling him different names.
    But His disclosure of the real face of HILLARY CLINTON in particular and US Government’s policies in general has proved that he is the man.
    He has provided a proof that USA is and will never be a friend of any country, stupid are the countries and their rulers who believe that USA is friend.
    I personaly do not like PPP.
    Look where the world stands today, its no more a free world, we are full of differences, etninical, religious and what not.
    They should be surrounded, questioned and replaced by people who believe in ruling to spread harmony, not to rule by spreading fear. Recommend

  • faisal ghouri
    Feb 17, 2011 - 1:03PM

    WELL SAID BRO.@usman: Recommend

  • mole baloch
    Feb 17, 2011 - 10:36PM

    release him and u will feel safe or else be ready
    for mayhem and chaos everywhere dont try our
    patience we might stop the aid and ur country will
    be worse than afganistanRecommend

  • Hamid Siddiqui
    Feb 18, 2011 - 6:26AM

    @mole baloch:
    Hi Mole, you should change your name to mule, because what you said, none of the US authorities dared saying that.
    Because they know only a mule can say like this, and they didn’t wanted to be called that.Recommend

  • Tanweer Ahmed
    Feb 19, 2011 - 6:07AM

    The case is not as simple as indicated from some leaders like Fauzia Wahab. There is definitely something fishy. The US Embassy hastened to declare him a diplomat and demant immunity. It was also quick to declare the multiple murders as self defence.
    The important this to note is that till this date US embassy has failed to produce appropriate document to prove him as a diplomat. Even his correct name and identity is not disclosed.
    Both the victims have got gun shots on their backs, which is enough to figure out that the shootings were not in self defence, but a premediatated murder.
    What this guy was doing so important that US congress is suggesting to block aid to Pakistan just to secure this one purson, putting its billions or trillions of dollar investment in its so called “War against Terror”. The top US official flys to Pakistan to secure his release, even President Obama himself involves into this petty criminal case.
    There is something definately big behind this small diplomat. May be a spy is disguise…..
    If so, It would be easier to understand the reason of murders.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the court decision.Recommend

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