'Federal govt will give diplomatic immunity to Davis'

Shahbaz says Rehman Malik told him govt was going to give Davis immunity; PPP core committee to meet on issue today.

Express February 17, 2011


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday claimed that Interior Minister Rehman Maik told him that the federal government was going to give diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis, the US consular employee who shot dead two Pakistani men in Lahore.

Shahbaz said that in response, he told the minister that Davis will be taken to court.

The chief minister was talking to the media in Islamabad. He asserted that the federal government should have come out in the open on whether Davis had diplomatic immunity or not on the very first day. He stated that the Punjab government will not compromise on the sovereignty of the country.

Shahbaz questioned what diplomatic duties Davis was carrying out at a busy area of Lahore. He also said a diplomat cannot carry weapons on the streets and kill innocent unarmed civilians.

Decision about immunity

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Chief Chaudhry Shujahat Hussain said the federal governmnet should decide about diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis as soon as possible.

In a statement, the PML-Q chief said that the PPP government should show responsibility by taking its decision as per the law.

He also said Raymond Davis can compromise with the grieved families under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance.

PPP core committee meeting

Members of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will hold a meeting in Islamabad today (Thursday)  to take a decisive stance on the Raymond Davis issue.

The meeting termed as the PPP core-committee meeting and will be held in the Presidency. Federal Ministers, senior PPP leaders and former core committee members will attend the meeting.

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Midnight Drummer | 10 years ago | Reply @Mastishhk: I think we have moved beyond the question of whether he is part of the diplomatic consulate or embassy and enjoys diplomatic immunity, especially in the light of recent statements by many quarters within the US establishment, including the military and media (New York Times, AP, Guardian and more) who have NOW conceded that he is 'contracted' by the CIA. Associated Press Investigation - Sen. Lindsay Graham inadvertently disclosed on the Senate floor that Davis is an "agent" The theory that the forensic items found in possession may have been 'planted' by the Punjab police can easily be refuted by fingerprint and DNA analysis which would reveal if RD handled these items or not. I'm sure the Punjab police are well aware of this facility. The overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence is strong enough to make a damning case against RD, that he is someone other than what the US establishment claims him to be. Rather it is the US embassy that has provided ambiguity, muted, contradictory and inconsistent statements with regards to the the status of RD. RD has not explained what he was doing in an area of Lahore that is not within the confines of diplomatic missions. No-one has explained his use of a fake license plate. No-one has explained his use of a Glock pistol (one of the favoured weapons used by the CIA for killings). There has been no inconsistent or contradictory statements by the 40+ witnesses, thus far. The body of one of the slain Pakistanis whom you deem as 'robbers' was found 40 feet away from his motorcycle, shot from behind. If you recall, the initial sketchy reports of the lynching of the two brothers in Sialkot claimed they were robbers and many, many Pakistanis commented that they deserved the punishment due to their attempted robbery However, subsequent investigation led by a retired Justice Malik Kazmi proved that the two brothers were completely innoccent against the allegations levelled against them. Justice Malik relied considerably on circumstantial evidence, public records and CCTV. Now, that the 'cat is out of the bag', they are now trying to spin it with a damage limitation excercise and claiming that RD was part of a mission in tracking the activities of militants in the Punjab area. Million dollar question - who would you rather believe?
Mastishhk | 10 years ago | Reply @ Ebad......There was never a doubt that Raymond Davis enjoyed diplomatic immunity aand that he shot the two people in self defence. The Govt and the Police just to escape the wrath of the people cretaed ambiguity about his status and twisted the facts to paint him as a bood thirsty American. Initial Reports had eye witnesses stating that RD fired in self defense when attemp was made to rob him. Now suddenly everyone including the eyewitnesses and the police have changed tack and are claiming that the firing was unprovoked. They also are making claims of having confiscated sensitive documents and pictures as well as illegal arms and ammunition to bolster their case.Anyone with even an iota of common sense can see through this game.
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