Christian teen charged with blasphemy

Published: September 20, 2016

ISLAMABAD: A Christian teenager has been charged with blasphemy over a derogatory picture of the holiest place, police said on Tuesday.

Nabeel Chohan was arrested for liking and sharing on the social media a disparaging photograph of the Khana-e-Kaaba.

Chohan, who is 18 and from the Punjab, also kept the picture on his phone, police said.

Who will protect the minorities?

A Muslim friend of Chohan’s informed police after seeing the Facebook post on September 16 and the teen was arrested after his friend filed the blasphemy case, police official Shahbaz Ahmed said. “A case of hurting religious sentiments of Muslims and desecrating the religious place has been lodged.”

Muhammad Hussain, the investigating police officer, confirmed the arrest, saying Chohan was in a police cell.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Fahim
    Sep 20, 2016 - 9:49PM

    Ban European and any foreign missionary priest coming to Pakistan. They are just importing hatred in Pakistan. Only they are responsible of hatred among communitiesRecommend

  • Obsid
    Sep 20, 2016 - 10:24PM

    Aren’t we the best country in the world? And with complete freedom of thought and speech too. Recommend

  • alobukhara
    Sep 20, 2016 - 10:26PM

    So much so for freedom!!Recommend

  • pk
    Sep 20, 2016 - 10:29PM

    Eliminate remaining 2% minorities & make it true land of pure. Recommend

  • abhi
    Sep 20, 2016 - 10:57PM

    But what exactly he shared?Recommend

  • cautous
    Sep 20, 2016 - 11:02PM

    Anyone ever ask how Muslims got control of an artifact from Abraham – seems like Jews would be first, Christians second, and Muslims a distant 3rd. Most Muslims forget that Christians had been around for 600 years (at least 12 generations in those times) b4 Mohammad. Recommend

  • Anurag Gautam
    Sep 20, 2016 - 11:32PM

    Wah wah subhanallah!! Pakistan ne to kamal kar diya.Recommend

  • siesmann
    Sep 21, 2016 - 4:12AM

    Blasphemy law is the biggest blasphemy .Recommend

  • Kickass
    Sep 21, 2016 - 7:47AM

    what crap are you talking.You are too dumb to differentiate between freedom and decency.Recommend

  • John B
    Sep 21, 2016 - 10:30AM

    So if I dislike any comment that approve of blasphemy law , then will I also be considered as a blasphemer?

    Until muslims start learning their own religious texts, they will live in the period of “ignorance”. Recommend

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