Celebrating diversity: Breaking stereotypes about Americans

Message of love and humanism conveyed, says photographer

Wafi Muhammed September 04, 2016
Pictures showcasing the diversity across the American continent by Tom Norris were on display at Rahi’s studio, on Saturday. PHOTOS: EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: The work of acclaimed American photographer Tom Norris was on display on Saturday in ‘Show Humanity’, an exhibition showcasing the diversity of America.

Norris’s work has been displayed at Virginia’s Art Festival and the National Geographic’s your shot website, among other venues.

The exhibition at Rahi’s Studio featured fascinating portraits which the photographer captured during his journey to different countries across the American continent.

The portraits encapsulated the diverse emotions as well as catching a glimpse into the lives of the American people, which had been fused together by light.

The amalgamation intended to illustrate a strong message calling people towards humanism and love.

While speaking to The Express Tribune, Norris said that the project seeks to overcome the stereotypes that our culture has generated, in order to create mutual respect for each other based on humanity.

To convey his point, during the presentation he displayed various photographs of Hollywood celebrities which he said was how Americans are viewed in this part of the world, which is as superficial.

He opined the audience that the American people come from a variety of backgrounds which includes the common man who works on the streets and the countryside.

He presented visual illustrations of his narrative with pictures of fishermen and firefighters, who are a true representation of the continent.

Artist Asrar Farooqi said that photography is an expression of art, such as any other form.

He elaborated that it is easy to capture a simple portrait; however, it is difficult to capture an image which is brimming with emotion and life, which a real artist can only achieve.

It is important to attend a presentation such as this one, which provides novel ways of capturing portraits, he further added.

Norris said that he had come across the negative labels that were given to Pakistanis by Americans, which are completely inaccurate.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 4th, 2016.


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