I will contest the next election: Musharraf

Express May 08, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has unveiled his plans to return to active politics, saying that he will contest the next general election in Pakistan.

Musharraf made the announced at a gathering of his supporters in Islamabad by teleconference. “I have decided to take part in Pakistan’s politics and I will contest the next elections, irrespective of whether they are mid-term or ends term elections,” he said in his brief address. A number of cases have been filed against Musharraf since the Supreme Court (SC) declared that the emergency imposed by him in 2007 was unconstitutional and illegal.

Musharraf said that he has received a lot of support from Pakistanis living abroad. “The Pakistanis I have met abroad have told me I should return to Pakistan,” he said. He remained secretive about his future plans saying that he would present his vision for Pakistan’s progress and the direction the country should take at a suitable time. “If you are with me, I will not let you down,” he added.

Musharraf asked his supporters to attend the Pasdare- Pakistan gathering on May 8 at the Islamabad Press Club. “Sitting on the sidelines of history never changed anything, become a part of positive change in Pakistan,” he added. Musharraf’s supporters have also launched a move to register a new party, The All Pakistan Muslim League.


Arif. Khokhar | 14 years ago | Reply We are waiting for you.
Fahad | 14 years ago | Reply This is certainly a glimmer of hope for Pakistan's future! Pakistan is in a serious situation which noone is capable of handling except Mr. P. Musharraf. What he did in his 9 years, no leader can or would be able to do in Pakistan. People who state negative blindfolded comments of the lal masjid case, and other cases which they don't even know properly about, they are the ones especially bought merely for a few pennys, nothing else. It's sad to see that Pakistan can't have people such as Imran Khan notably as leaders because people of their calibure lay foundations with honesty and integrity for their country, rather than some people who serve almost a decade in Jail and others who are filled with total corruption, get the open liberty to serve as what most senseless people think, the great leaders of pakistan. On these basis, atleast to save this country, what it desperately requires are the services of a man who developed pakistan positively in the 9 years in terms of International ties, resumption of cricketing ties with India and developing a significant Nuclear Arsenal (being probably the only thing holding Pakistan as a dangerous force in the eyes of its enemy). Therefore, as a solemn request to many foolish people who are writing here and think negatively about Mr. Musharraf, spare a moment of thought, and make sure its a sensible one. Welcome back Mr. Pervez Musharraf!
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