10 ways to celebrate Independence Day with your family

Spend some time with the retired officers, their stories are bound to shed light on what we owe to this country.

Shafaq Naveed August 12, 2010

August 14 should not be treated just like any other holiday, we should enjoy this day with our family in full fervour. We should remind ourselves of all the events that led to independence, of the cost of independence, and of all the sacrifices our forefathers made to form Pakistan. Yes, there has been loss, with the massive terror attacks striking this country every now and then things become gloomy, but it is us Pakistanis who never give up. This is our homeland, this is our country, and we should celebrate 14th August with our families and loved ones as enthusiastically as possible.
Here are 10 ways to celebrate August 14 with your family

1. Get a copy of the Pakistan Resolution and Constitution and read it to your children

Children should know about the ideology behind our country. Purchasing flags and badges is just not enough. Inculcate the true essence of independence and liberty in the minds of your children, don’t just read them history books; get a copy of the Pakistan Resolution and Constitution and read it to your children.

2. Screen patriotic movies and dramas

Screen movies related to independence on a projector; invite friends, families, and neighbours to join in on the fun. Movies like Jinnah or dramas like Jinnah se Quaid, Alpha Bravo Charlie are informative and allow families a change to bond and learn at the same time.

3. Sit with your family over your favourite dessert

Make desserts with the theme of Independence Day in mind. You can use Pista and Kulfa ice-cream flavours to add a touch of patriotism in the form of an ice-cream flag. Talk to your elders, hear about their past and learn about their freedom struggle while enjoying a delicious azadi treat.

4. Visit national monuments and museums with your children

14th August pays homage to the people that devoted and sacrificed their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement. Make sure your children know all about the sacrifices made to earn this land. Visit national monuments and museums with them, so that they can connect to the history of Pakistan by seeing the past come to life in front of their eyes.

5.Take a ride around the city with your family and friends; make sure you play the 'mili naghmas'!

Despite our struggles with a constantly interrupted power supply, we sure know how to light up our country for Independence Day celebrations. Our courts, assemblies and even apartment complexes are beautifully wrapped with green and white bulbs, bringing Christmas to Pakistan a few months early. A ride around the city in a crammed car with friends and family on the eve of Independence Day is must for a patriot; with 'mili naghmas' blaring from the car speakers and everyone enjoying themselves, it is a sight to cherish.

6. Decorate your house in green and white to celebrate the spirit of independence

Hoist the National Flag on top of your roof. Motivate the young ones to decorate your house in flags, banners, balloons, stars, badges, door hangers, candles and all colours reviving independence. This will give your house a feeling of patriotism and help the younger ones value the spirit of this day.

7. Meet the Veterans

Although the creation of Pakistan was not a result of a war, keeping it that way meant many soldiers lost their lives in order to protect the newly created country. To tell the younger generation what it takes to earn freedom, spend some time with the retired officers who rolled tanks, flew F16s and lived in submarines. Their stories are bound to shed light on what we owe to this country and to all those who have continued to sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.

8. Dress up all green

Flags, T-shirts, hats, bangles, badges, wrist bands - everything that is green is in the market. Dress up in green, and make everyone in your family do the same, starting from your grandparents to the youngest ones in the family. Dressing up in green and white overwhelms anyone who is patriotic for this country.

9. Play Pakistan related quizzes with your family to test their knowledge 

Quiz your family and friends about the history of Pakistan. This can be a quick refresher for the elders in the family and a source of insight for the younger ones!

10. Decorate the streets in colors of Pakistan with the street children

Take your family to a poor neighborhood to celebrate the day of independence. 14th August is not only for the people who actively take part in flag rallies and cultural shows, but also for the fruit vendor who stands in the sun, for the small kid who sell flags on the traffic signal, and for the domestic staff that comes to clean your house every day. Arrange a 14th August celebration for them all.


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