Will celebrate publicly when I get married: Imran Khan

PTI chief denies media reports he has married for the third time to a girl from 'Maneka family' of Pakpattan

News Desk July 12, 2016
PTI chairman Imran Khan. PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Naeemul Haque on Tuesday refuted reports of Imran Khan's third marriage as baseless.

"These reports are baseless and his family members aren't even aware of any such decision made by him," Haque said while speaking to Express News.

Shortly after, the PTI chairman also took to Twitter to also deny rumours of a third marriage.

"Rumours about my marriage are absolutely baseless. I have not gotten married. When I do I will announce and celebrate publicly," he said.

Media reports suggested Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf cheif has married for the third time to a girl from the "Maneka family” of Pakpattan, according to a Pakistan Today report.

The report said Imran visited Pakpattan thrice this month to visit his alleged bride Maryam, who is a sister of Imran's ‘spiritual guide' Bushra.

According to sources quoted in the report, the new bride is also divorced and has two children.

However, senior journalist Arif Nizami - who had earlier leaked the news of Imran's second marriage to Reham Khan --said the news of Imran Khan’s third marriage could merely be a media buzz.

It isn't in my blood to give up, says Imran on third marriage

In an interview with Hindustan Times on Sunday, Imran said, “It is not in my blood to give up. But it takes a lot. There’s nothing worse than divorce, I tell you. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. It doesn’t matter who initiates it, it’s a terrible experience. So I would be a bit more careful.”

However, the senior PTI leader said Imran has made no decision regarding a third marriage. His sisters, however, have been given the responsibility for his next marriage should he make the decision to marry again, he added.

Conspiracy, incompatibility, behind divorce: Reham

The PTI chairman who divorced his second wife this year also revealed that he had always remained faithful to his spouse while he was married.

“I’m very proud to say that while married, I’ve always been faithful. I had told myself I would not indulge in infidelity and I never did. It is the greatest pain a human being can cause to their partner, which is why in all religions it is a sin,” he said.

Imran said that psychologist had advised him not to get married after his divorce with Jemima because his children might get adversely affected. But when the right time came, he married Reham Khan. However, it did not work out as she had her own family and he had his.

Sabri’s killers must be arrested, punished: Imran Khan

“I am 63 years old and have been married for only 10 years, but I am more of a staunch believer of marriage now than I ever was,” said Imran

Although Imran said that he did not have anyone in mind for the third marriage, he did not shy away from expressing what he was looking for in his third spouse.

“I never judge people for what they are. I’m not into looks that much. I’m not impressed by glamour or fashion. I get impressed by someone who has a belief system, convictions…” he said.

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NDA | 5 years ago | Reply Imran Khan is feeble minded. Politics needs an intelligent and visionary person. He is Stubborn and shortsighted. His 3rd time marriage saga has put final nail in his politics coffin. Pakistan is fighting battle of survival and this man is obsessed with women at 63.
dilawar | 5 years ago | Reply Useless person in Pakistani politics.
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