After Salman's 'rape comment', Aamir Khan's 'waiter remark' sparks outrage

Published: July 5, 2016
Will it ever stop? PHOTO: GQINDIA

Will it ever stop? PHOTO: GQINDIA

It appears that Bollywood bigwigs can’t stay away from controversy for long.

Unlike Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan spoke against his close friend Salman Khan’s “insensitive and unfortunate”  raped woman remark but the 3 Idiots star ended up sparking outrage in the process.

Aamir Khan speaks up about Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ comment

During a recent media interaction for the poster launch of his upcoming film Dangal, the superstar compared his star persona to Shah Rukh and Salman saying, “When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it feels like a waiter has entered.”

Diplomatic: Shah Rukh Khan mum over Salman Khan’s rape comment

And there you go!

Although Aamir instantly realised his mistake and apologised for his statement saying, “I am sorry, I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people,” the Twitter army couldn’t let it go.

Here’s how Salman Khan reacted when asked if he’d apologise for ‘rape’ remark

Here’s what the have to say:

Will it ever stop?


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