The corner: Isbah Hassan

Fine architect, Isbah Hassan welcomes us into a corner very dear to her, her serene bedroom

Natasha Monnoo July 10, 2016

Isbah Hassan, a fine architect, welcomes us into a corner very dear to her, her serene bedroom. Pristine white yet full of character, this corner is truly special.

They say there is no place like home, and for Isbah Hassan, this is especially true. Her home is a testament to her passion for architecture. The elevation is clean, with a modern visage. The extending lofts lend to the state-of-the-art exterior. The large windows surrounding the area let in ample natural light. From the very moment you drive through the gates, the originality of the structure is apparent. The heights of the ceilings vary from room to room and hidden staircases emerge, almost like a modern Hogwarts!

Every one of us has a special corner in our home and for Hassan it’s her bedroom. Hassan expresses: “I truly enjoy my house, thus there are many favourite corners – it all depends on my mood; however, for me one truly special space has to be my bedroom.” Her bedroom is the sanctuary where she de-stresses, spends time with friends and family and last but not least, sleeps. Unlike the rest of the house, the palette for this room is clean, all in pristine white. Hassan chose to keep it this way to differentiate it from the rest of the house. “White is a very calming colour for me. Though there is wood and slate everywhere else in the house, for my bedroom I chose only white, from the floors to the walls. After a long day at work, this is all I need.”

She claims that when her nephews and nieces come over, they leave their chocolate paw-prints all over the comfortable white sofas, which she says adds character to the sterile white theme. We look over to find bold fuchsia chairs, and curiously ask about their presence in this otherwise monochrome room. “As architects we are very limited with the palette for our own homes, but I am trying to move away from whites and greys by adding accent pieces to offset the monotony.” Hassan adds: “My bedroom is my life, it’s like a little universe on its own, I could live in my bedroom and not feel the need to leave for days at a stretch.”

Hassan’s home truly reflects a space where serenity and relaxation exist in abundance. It is welcoming, charming and cosy. There is a secluded study, where Hassan hosts her intimate soirees. Two vibrant paintings hanging above the fireplace immediately catch our attention. They are imitations of old masters, such as Klimt, and are made completely out of mother of pearl. These are a few of her prized possessions, procured on one of her many trips to Vietnam.

In today’s day and age homes have become very generic, thus it is always pleasing to see something fresh. The rooms have fluidity and an airy feel.

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