Aziz rules out Pakistan’s foreign policy failure claims

Published: June 21, 2016
A file photo of PM's adviser of National Security Sartaj Aziz. PHOTO: EXPRESS

A file photo of PM's adviser of National Security Sartaj Aziz. PHOTO: EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz refuted on Tuesday claims that Pakistan’s foreign policy has failed and the country was becoming isolated.

“Pakistan is a confident and strong state as compared to other Muslims states due to its active foreign policy,” Sartaj Aziz said while addressing in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Aziz said Pakistan pursues a balanced policy of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, and protection of its own national interests.

Pakistan-US relations on downward slide: Sartaj Aziz

He added, “Pakistan is pursuing a reasonable foreign policy, with only Rs15 billion expenditures in year 2016-17 against India’s Rs115 billion.”

On the crucial matter of admission of India into the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), Aziz said Pakistan had been making successful efforts to stop India from getting entry into the group.

He stressed that Pakistan’s relations with Iran were heading in the right direction while “we are strictly following the policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan”.

Aziz said the government was trying hard to maintain peace in Afghanistan and work for boarder management to “check infiltration of terrorists”.

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Reader Comments (17)

  • Salman
    Jun 21, 2016 - 9:25PM

    That’s what the mandarins and the powers be kept repeating before fall of Dacca.Recommend

  • Chacha Jee
    Jun 21, 2016 - 9:40PM

    As per Choudhary, 90,000 Pakistanis have been deported from Europe alone in one year. As per editorial in a national daily of Pakistan dated June 11, 2016 over 250,000 pakistani have been deported from Europe alone since 2013. Plane loads of Pakistanis being deported are arriving daily from France. Pakistan.’s previous president Musharraf denied visa to USA. All deportion numbers above do not include deportation from America, Middle East. KUWAIT, Bangladesh do not issue visa to Pakistanis. You can’t buy F16 and you who told them to not give those to you. What foreign policy are you talking about.Recommend

  • Luccha
    Jun 21, 2016 - 9:44PM

    How can Pakistan enter in NSG if it stops India? Or it is like Pakistan enter NSG or not – doesn’t matter but India should not enter?Recommend

  • Jerry
    Jun 21, 2016 - 10:49PM

    Mr. Aziz

    You need to spend money like India is doing to buy loyalties of foreign politicians, media people and others who matter to support, and back Pakistan and influence their government to favor Pakistan when their governments make any decision that has to do anything regarding India and Pakistan.

    India has the largest lobbying activities after Israel in Washington. You just realized the need for this after you falure to secure F16s deal.Recommend

  • Irfan
    Jun 21, 2016 - 11:55PM

    I think he is doing well . Friendship with USA have cost us so much . Pakistan need to strengthen its relationship with Russia and France.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers
    Jun 22, 2016 - 12:22AM

    Yes, “active foreign policy” like Aziz stating that Pakistan should not attack those Good Taliban groups that do not attack Pakistan! I am sure that statement gave neighboring countries confirmation of Pakistani duplicity!Recommend

  • Mr.President
    Jun 22, 2016 - 1:16AM

    Mr. Aziz who are you fooling? Look around you, no one takes Pakistan seriously. Recommend

  • SKS
    Jun 22, 2016 - 1:32AM

    Whenever Mr. Aziz talks logic is out of the window. Arent you ally with USA since the 1950’s and then why do you need massive sums of money, if you had done the job right from the beginning? Of all muslim states, are there any which actively exports killer non-state actors like yours? Non-interference in Afghanistan but Quetta shura held in Pakistan? Ido not even want to start on NSG. I do not know how he talks without laughing or may be he is laughing inside at the ridiculous things coming out of his mouth.Recommend

  • curious2
    Jun 22, 2016 - 1:52AM

    If Pakistan foreign policy is a success I would hate to see what a failure looks like …. just saying. Recommend

  • Shay
    Jun 22, 2016 - 3:21AM

    As compared to other Muslim nations ….what a comparison lolRecommend

  • Barry
    Jun 22, 2016 - 3:28AM

    I guess you have a lot of blind-people denials in PakistanRecommend

  • Barry
    Jun 22, 2016 - 3:31AM

    You are right Jerry

    The F-16s are very important to Pakistan , and I think that aziz thinks that they are a foreign policy successRecommend

  • Mr Obvious
    Jun 22, 2016 - 4:25AM

    Anybody outside of Pakistan think your foreign policy is going well?Recommend

  • sabi
    Jun 22, 2016 - 4:38AM

    @Chacha Jee:
    What has economic migrants entering illegally to do with foreign policy is beyond comprehension. Think before you write.Recommend

  • Nadeem
    Jun 22, 2016 - 5:33AM

    No foreign policy formulated by an elite ( military + civil elite ) that is completely disconnected from the welfare of the majority (internal safety, peace, prosperity, jobs, education, health) can ever succeed. Recommend

  • Pakistan
    Jun 22, 2016 - 10:37AM

    Mr Sartaj Aziz is caught up with delayed senility. Poor chap.Recommend

  • Speen
    Jun 26, 2016 - 1:08PM

    I think he is out of mind. One day he said that Afghan Taliban families are living here and we can forced them to talk with Afghan Government, otherwise will ask them to take out your families from Pakistan. Another day he said we have no control on them. Because of failed policy Pakistan is going to isolation.
    Afghan need help and assistance, if we do not help them they have to get support from others and it is independent country. We can live with neighbors as friend not as enemy. We want others to have instruction from us, it is impossible.Recommend

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