Davis will not be released despite pressure: Babar

Published: January 30, 2011
Pakistani police escort arrested US national Raymond Davis (C) to a court in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Pakistani police escort arrested US national Raymond Davis (C) to a court in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

ISLAMABAD: Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said on Sunday that the detained American Raymond Davis who shot dead two Pakistani men in Lahore will not be released despite pressure on the government.

Speaking at a ceremony, Babar admitted that the government was facing pressure in the case. However, he insisted that the decision will be taken by the courts since the matter is subjudice. He added that authorities were looking into the case to see whether the American had diplomatic immunity or not.

Meanwhile, authorities have sent a list of questions to the US consulate and embassy regarding the individuals who fled in a Land Cruiser after running over a third man in Mozang.

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  • Arisha
    Jan 30, 2011 - 5:19PM

    Very right decision by government! At this stage, we don’t know if those 2 Pakistanis were robbers or not. The way this ‘yet to be confirmed diplomat’ opened fire and then killed and injured others by ramming his car on them, tells a lot about his diplomacy.

    To me, Davis is a terrorist. It’s just this that he doesn’t have a beard and isn’t a Muslim but he is a terrorist for me.Recommend

  • Amer
    Jan 30, 2011 - 5:39PM

    He is NOT a diplomat! He served in the special forces and there are many more like him on the streets in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Imran
    Jan 30, 2011 - 7:22PM

    If they were not robbers why did he shoot them? for fun?Recommend

  • Oscar
    Jan 30, 2011 - 8:16PM

    BTW, its interesting that a diplomat, who was going to get robbed. He survived, hit back, and shot the robbers at back. Interesting part is that, he came out and started taking their snaps. What a courageous ‘Diplomat’ :) Recommend

  • Sara
    Jan 30, 2011 - 8:20PM

    Bodies speaks.

    Both men were shot at their back.that means raymond was behind them.He shot and WIND SCREEN of his car is prove of this.

    Common sense: Robber should stand on driving side, not far from it.

    Raymond is guilty, what he was doing there without informing authorities?Recommend

  • Jan 30, 2011 - 8:25PM

    two days back they US state department released the statement that US consulate will cooperate with Pakistan authorities and now they are pressurizing ….. what a contrast in statements Recommend

  • Aamir
    Jan 30, 2011 - 9:12PM


    So you are suggesting that anyone who is carrying a gun is either a robber or terrorist ?Recommend

  • edgarm
    Jan 30, 2011 - 10:00PM

    After a lot of drama..he will be set free.Recommend

  • abdullah
    Jan 30, 2011 - 10:10PM

    gov will not do the mistake by leaving him ….coz if they do so the 2013 elections would b a complete loss 4 themRecommend

  • Naveed Buzdar
    Jan 30, 2011 - 10:33PM

    Since he has killed two innocent pakistani citizen, so there is no need to set him free. The people have made mockery of pakistan’s rules and regulation. the matter should be left on pakistani court. Whatever they decide it should be implemented in its true spirit. The Americans should be following pakistani rules and regulation. Recommend

  • Nasir Taimoori
    Jan 31, 2011 - 12:45AM

    Raymond Davis should be released. America is our God. He provides us help. Better leave the US Blackwater Commander.Recommend

  • Thomas Laney
    Jan 31, 2011 - 1:09AM

    Diplomats are indeed allowed to carry weapons. It is always the discretion of the host governement who is allowed to carry a weapon and any special restrictions. In this case, I feel certain the individual was in possession of a permit to carry although not all the authorities were aware of it. In a country notorious for kidnapping foreigners for ransom and some cases execution, I am sure I would not want to give any unknown assailants an opportunity to take me. I wasn’t there and neither was any of the other commentors who seems to know for a fact these were inoccent boys shot in the back. It is reported that the two men had just moments before robbed a local by gunpoint. If I had been in that car and two men were trying to rob or run me off the road and I saw a weapon, I would shoot first and ask questions later before they show my body laying on the street with a bullet in the head or a few days later with my head displayed in a grainy video. Diplomatic immunity must mean diplomatic immunity. The biggest crime here is that these known criminals were not already in jail to protect the citizens and in this case themselves.Recommend

  • Ali
    Jan 31, 2011 - 1:11AM

    Were the two people shot also armed? If so then his story does sound like it should be investigated. The first thing is to determine if the two shot individuals were robbers/had ill intentions.Recommend

  • bling bling
    Jan 31, 2011 - 1:59AM

    i have already heard rumours that he has left Pakistan. He must be punished by Pakistanis. Hamara mujrim hai.Recommend

  • rehan
    Jan 31, 2011 - 2:16AM

    @Abdullah..If the government leaves him,the US will promise the government another term! It is now a gamble infact for the PML(N)..the same carrot is for them too..
    PYARA PAKISTAN!!Recommend

  • Lahori
    Jan 31, 2011 - 2:50AM

    Tribune can you kindly explain? How did the person who came to Raymond’s rescue and crushed one person on a one way road run away. When Raymond was left behind how and why did the other person escape? Was this so called rescuer the BOSS of Raymond Davis and the real operations incharge and poor old Raymond Davis just a mere fall guy. Tribune your comments please?Recommend

  • Rana
    Jan 31, 2011 - 3:28AM

    United States of America never gave immunity to any diplomat in U Snakes of America. In 1997 Georgian diplomat was sentence to prison for 20 years for road accident. North korean diplomat in 1980 was also sentence to 8 month for minor allegation…
    But here, they are asking for ammunity for killing of 3 Pakistanis before dozen of witnesses? What a shameless creature! Recommend

  • dr ali
    Jan 31, 2011 - 4:17AM

    Another very unwanted incident for Pakistani establishment. Pakistani rulers are under tough trial.Recommend

  • Halaku Khan
    Jan 31, 2011 - 6:31AM

    they should release him hoping that an egypt-tunisia like situation is created in pakistan.. it’ll be worth releasing a 100 like him.Recommend

  • Vin
    Jan 31, 2011 - 8:09AM

    USA and All European countries should expell ALL pakistanis residing on their lands…This episode of Davis will defintely culminate in this long overdue task to be undertaken by the western goverments..:)….Recommend

  • Ani
    Jan 31, 2011 - 8:09AM

    Innocent? self defence? Given the emotionally charged and conspiratorial atmosphere in Pakistan, perception of injustice will smell strong no matter the outcome. Qadri kills an innocent leader – and everyday people celebrate and claim he is innocent. Three PM’s – LAK, ZAB and BB are murdered by locals but the “foreign interests” are blamed. Now a foreigner – no less a citizen from USA – the most hated country in Pakistan, is involved in the unfortunate deaths of two locals. Every leader, general, editor, TV anchor, TV guest and lay person has suddenly discovered the laws of the land and are all sitting in judgment i.e. prosecution, of Mr. Davis even before there is formal due process There would be credibility, if Pakistan applied the law to all its citizens and non citizens with equal vigor and honesty. It would be interesting to see if there are any Pakistani lawyers who can represent and provide a proper defense in the court. This situation is tailor made for the religious fundamentalists to further their agenda irrespective of the outcome. Recommend

  • Jan 31, 2011 - 9:01AM

    Case I : Davis Raymond killed two Pakistani in Public in Lahore, US reaction is that they demanding release of their diplomat.

    Case II : Dr Afaia Siddique a Pakistani killed two US soldiers in war hit Afghanistan in self defense. US reaction, She was mentally tortured for 5 years and then sentenced to 80 years in US prison.

    How you define justice.
    Thanks Recommend

  • F Robinson
    Jan 31, 2011 - 10:54AM

    Under international convention Raymond Davis should be released and deported.
    Diplomatic immunity is a principle of international law by which certain foreign government officials are NOT subject to the jurisdiction of local courts and other authorities.Recommend

  • American
    Jan 31, 2011 - 5:10PM

    Apparently most people are going with what is reported in media so far and not all facts are known to us. However, after reading various media sources ( to maintain objectivity ) from different countries here is what I have found out:

    1-American media has reported “ABC news claims Raymond Davis runs Hyperion Protective Consultant­s, LLC, a company that provides “loss and risk management profession­als.” If you checkout their web site it seem like a fly by night company that among other small bore services sells things like pepper spray. Sounds like a classic CIA “cutout””

    2- He was unable to provide any diplomatic credentials/documents when he was arrested by police.

    3- Apparently he shot the guys from behind which means he could shot them in legs or something without having to kill them. So self defense claim will be hard to make for defense team. This also rest on whether or not those dead were carrying arms or not plus claim that same guys had looted another local at gun point earlier would have to be verified.

    4- US consulate and embassy had been reluctant or atleast seem to be delaying to provide information on the people who ran over third Pakistani citizen and this delay or denial on their part in not making these guys look like good guys. What do they say… if it walks like a duck….yes so that is also something US embassy needs to come clean about and return the questionnaire sent to them by Punjab police.

    5- Also, fact that Mr. Cameron called Mr. Nawaz Shariff who no matter what holds no government position makes me believe that US govt is well aware of what strings to pull and get what they want where as what they ought to be doing is follow the process and respect and comply with local law enforcement policies and procedures and let the justice be served. To claim higher moral grounds, you have to show it through your actions.

    6- At last but not the least, sadly yet again I am not hopeful that our politicians will let the law take it course and at the end, some dirty deal will be made. I hope for once I will be proved wrong.Recommend

  • Sam
    Feb 8, 2011 - 3:16AM

    If there is no law in pak. Can i kill u plz ?Recommend

  • Sean
    Feb 11, 2011 - 8:24AM

    He will be released sooner or later! Its the law! Recommend

  • Sean
    Feb 11, 2011 - 8:26AM

    @Vin: And where will they go? To Pakistan? They are desperate to get out of Pakistan and come to USA daily! Of course it must stop! Recommend

  • Sean
    Feb 11, 2011 - 8:28AM

    @usmanpak: She was not a diplomat. Recommend

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