#TryBeatingMeLightly: Pakistani women react to CII bill with powerful portrait series

Here's what will happen if you 'lightly beat' a modern-day woman

Life&Style May 30, 2016
Here's what will happen if you 'lightly beat' a modern-day woman. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

Not all men want to "lightly beat" their defying wives, as proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology, but just in case they do, these portraits of empowered (and threatening) Pakistani women, serve as fair warning that laying a finger on your wife will have its consequences.

Photographer Fahhad Rajper has captured twelve inspiring professionals to portray the consequences of "lightly beating" a modern-day woman, in a series of portraits titled "Try Beating Me Lightly."

CII proposes husbands be allowed to 'lightly beat' defying wives

1. Adeeqa Lalwani: Digital storyteller

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, I'll become the destruction you will never forsee."

Adeeqa is a Digital Storyteller. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

2. Farah S. Kamal: Education consultant

"#TryBeatingMeLightly and tell me if you would like yourself to be beaten up lightly?"

Farah is an Education Consultant. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

3. Amber Zulfiqar: Travel and lifestyle blogger

"#TryBeatingMeLightly and take a punch in the a**!"

Amber is a travel and lifestyle blogger. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

4. Priyanka Pahuja: Product designer turned digital marketer

"#TryBeatingMeLightly and I'll run a car over you with my 7 years of driving experience!"

Priyanka is a Product Designer turned Digital Marketer. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

5. Sumbul Usman: Social media manager

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, you won't survive to see the morning."

Sumbul is a Social Media Manager. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

6. Shagufta Abbas: Doctor

"#TryBeatingMeLightly - I'll break that hand you raised at me. Remaining damage? I'll leave it up to Allah."

Shagufta is a Doctor. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

'Gentle beating' of wife is no violence, says CII chief

7. Fizza Rahman: Senior brand manager

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, I will beat you up lightly too, that too in public. I am very particular about gender equality."

Fizza is a Senior Brand Manager. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

8. Erum Khan: Blogger

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, and be ready to face the consequences."

Erum Khan is a Blogger. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

9. Sundus Rasheed: School teacher and radio jockey

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, and you'll regret it for the rest of your miserable life."

Sundus is a school teacher and radio jockey. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

Muniba Mazari found the perfect way to respond to CII's 'light beating' proposal

10. Sadiya Azhar: Digital marketer and blogger

"#TryBeatingMeLightly - Beat me with your intelligence, if you may. Beat me with your wit. Beat me with your smile. Beat me with your kindness. But if you dare to beat me even with a feather, I'd really beat the shit out of you."

Sadiya is a Digital Marketer and blogger. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

11. Alvera Rajper: Medical student

"#TryBeatingMeLightly - Tell me how would you feel if someone beats your daughter up lightly?"

Alvera is a medical student. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

12. Rabya Ahmed: Photo blogger

"I'm the sun. Touch me and I will burn you like hell fire. I am light, you will try, but you can never stop me. You can never contain me.
I am the kind of woman they name hurricanes after. I dare you, #TryBeatingMeLightly."

Rabya is a Photo-Blogger. PHOTO: FAHHAD RAJPER

Still want to 'lightly beat' your wife?


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Bilal | 6 years ago | Reply Its alwaya about a a husband and wife not about men and women. So be at home make your child a goor person so that he dosent beat his wife . Stop fooling people by taking advantage of these kind of immoral acts
Bilal | 6 years ago | Reply Touch me mr.husband and i the wife will ripmu apart. All hail feminism and we are not sexist
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