259 Pakistani offshore company owners exposed

Pakistanis registered 153 companies in the British Virgin Islands and 41 in Panama

Gibran Ashraf/agencies May 09, 2016

KARACHI: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published online on Monday detailed data from the Panama Papers trove on more than 200,000 secret offshore companies cataloguing the names of 259 Pakistanis who own shares in offshore companies.

The searchable database built on just a portion of the documents leaked from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca reveals more than 360,000 names of individuals and companies behind the anonymous shell firms, the ICIJ said. Previously, 220 Pakistanis were named by the ICIJ. The database identifies at least 259 Pakistani people or companies that had roles in offshore entities.

Opposition’s blitzkrieg unnerves govt

At least three entities, trust or funds created in a low-tax, offshore jurisdiction by agents were listed as linked to Pakistan.

It also lists five intermediaries or middle-men who go-between people and offshore corporations and offshore service providers.

Some of these companies date back to the 1980s and have defaulted or were suspended a long time ago, but some others were recent and listed as still active. They were listed in a number of international tax havens including Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas and Seychelles.

These include Faisal Maqbool Shaikh tied to the British Virgin Island firm Fern International Ltd.

Most of the Pakistani addresses used to register companies were from Karachi (65), followed by Lahore (43) and Islamabad (25).

According to TV channels, apart from the names of Maryam Nawaz and relatives of the Sharif family, the list includes names of Sadrudin Hashwani, Hussain Dawood, Mir Shakilur Rehman, Ali Siddiqui and many more.

Pakistanis registered 153 companies in the British Virgin Islands and 41 in Panama. The first offshore company was registered in 1988 by Mian Ziauddin and the latest was registered in 2015 by Majid Siddiqui.

List of Pakistanis named in Panama Papers Part–II

Among those who owned shares in offshore companies included Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Osman Saifullah Khan owned shares in BVI companies Saif Capital Partners Limited (incorporated in May 2014), and separately UK Property Investment Limited (incorporated in August 2004). But both companies were listed in China.

Jehangir Saifullah Khan, related to Osman, owns shares and is a beneficiary of BVI based company Green Ridge Associates Limited which was incorporated in 2007 and is still active. It was created by intermediaries Dattani Chartered Accountants which is linked to 53 other companies owned by the Saifullah family. Most of these companies are still active.

Hussain Dawood owns shares in BVI-based Corlinio Limited (incorporated in January 2006 and still active). The company has eight listed shareholders including Abdul Samad Dawood, Shahzada Dawood, Zahra Batoonah, Saad Raja and Bazaar Investments and Razaran Limited. It is also linked to the Louvre Trust (Guernsey) Ltd intermediary in turn linked to 13 firms. Ali Siddiqui, son of Jehangir Siddiqui owned shares in the BVI company Novolance Limited incorporated in 2007.

Of the Soorty family, prominent business owners in Pakistan, was shareholder of the BVI-based Salwa International Limited (incorporated in 2011), Argyll Enterprises (incorporated in 2011).

Mir Shakilur Rehman owned BVI-based company Marine Properties Limited which was incorporated in July 2001 but has defaulted.

Pir Ali Gohar, son of Pir Abdul Kadir owned the BVI-based Jennheiser Holdings incorporated in July 2004 but has defaulted.

The Tabani family also owned a company, the BVI-based Wayfinder International Limited (incorporated in September 2007 and still active) with Younus Zakaria Tabani and Rukhsana Chaudhry Tabani linked.

It also includes name of Zain Iftekhar Sukhera, a close friend of a former prime minister’s son, owned the BVI-based Golden Waters Telecom (incorporated in January 2012).

World braces for online release of Panama Papers

Zulfiqar Bukhari, along with his sisters, owns six offshore companies including Factory Limited, Bradbury Resources Limited .

According to television channels the list also includes the names of Moonis Elahi, Aleem Khan, Benazir Bhutto and Rehman Malik.

Until now access to the total cache of 11.5 million documents, originally provided by a mysterious “John Doe”, was restricted to the ICIJ and a select group of international media.

While the database “allows users to explore the networks of companies and people that used - and sometimes abused - the secrecy of offshore locales with the help of Mossack Fonseca and other intermediaries,” the ICIJ said.

But it said it was not making available raw records online, nor was it putting all the information from the records out, in part to prevent access to some personal data and bank account details of those mentioned.

Complete list of Pakistanis named in Panama Papers

  1. Muhammad Haroon Mahmood

  2. Mohammad Azam Ali

  3. Romana Sher Zaman Lodhi

  4. Khan Amir Saleem Anwar

  5. Bashir Dawood

  6. Mariyam Dawood

  7. Fatima Taqi

  8. Muhammad Bakar Gokal

  9. Rashda Tariq

  10. Khaliquz Zaman Khan Lodhi

  11. Amina Bakar Gokal

  12. Amynah Adil Jaffer

  13. Maryam Adil Jaffer

  14. Farah Dawood

  15. Muhammad Talha Mahmood

  16. Tasneem Tanveer Awan

  17. Khan Nasir Saleem Anwar

  18. Ambreen Haroon

  19. Tanveer Sultan Awan

  20. Abdul Kader Jaffer

  21. Moonis Elahi

  22. Ali Naqi Taqi

  23. Tariq Salam

  24. Amin Mohammed Lakhani

  25. Sajjad Bakar Gokal

  26. Nazim Fida Hussein Haji

  27. Amer N Haji

  28. Adil N Haji

  29. Maha Abedi Dadabhoy

  30. Naveed

  31. Peter McDiarmid

  32. Imran Riaz

  33. Mariam Bakar Gokal

  34. Ismathunissa Mumtaz

  35. Omer Adil Jaffer

  36. Khan Tahir Saleem Anwar

  37. Bashir Dawood, Mariyam Dawood & Farah Dawood

  38. Fauzia Bakar Gokal

  39. Iftikhar Ahmed Zahid

  40. Mehreen Akbar

  41. Mohammad Shaukat

  42. Habib Ahmad

  43. Mehboob Ahmed Sheikh

  44. Shahid Shafiq

  45. Ahsan Shafiq

  46. Amir Shafiq

  47. Shehzad Shafiq

  48. Shan Faisal

  49. Yousuf Jan Mohammad

  50. Aftab Lakhany

  51. Jawed Lakhani

  52. Raazia Ajmal

  53. Raazia Ajmal

  54. Humayun Khan

  55. The Bearer

  56. The Bearer

  57. Ullah Zahir

  58. Iqbal Khan

  59. The Bearer

  60. Mir Shakilur Rahman

  61. Feroze Sayeedud Deane

  62. Maya Inayat Ismail

  63. Abdul Samad Dawood

  64. Younus Zakaria Tabani

  65. Rukhsana Chaudhry Tabani

  66. Shazada Dawood

  67. Samina Durrani

  68. Samina Durrani

  69. Majid Ahmad Khan

  70. Osman S Khan

  71. Sabahat Zahid

  72. Mahin Hasib

  73. Saleem Mohyud Din

  74. Muhammad Farooq Naseem

  75. Mahin Hasib

  76. Mohamed Ashraf Abouldahab

  77. Saleem Mohyuddin

  78. Saad Ali

  79. Zahid Rafiq

  80. Javed Ahmad

  81. Shamaila Nasir

  82. Shams Nasir Pirzada

  83. Humayun S Khan

  84. Hussain Dawood

  85. Mariam Zubair Khan

  86. Aqueela Mumtaz

  87. Sheikh Maqbool Ahmad

  88. Syed Muhammad Ali

  89. Imran Ali, Sher Ali & Hussain Ali

  90. Navaid Malik

  91. Khalid Hussain

  92. Irum Hasib

  93. Jehamgir S Khan

  94. Sheerin Shahid

  95. Shahid Abdullah

  96. Shayan Abdullah

  97. Nosheen Riaz Khan

  98. Waseem Khalida  Khan

  99. Mohammand Yousuf Ahmed

  100. Salma Yousuf

  101. Zulfiqar Paracha

  102. Arif Aziz

  103. Yousef Abduallah

  104. Usma Yousef

  105. Shahid Rashid Soorty

  106. Nargis Rashid Soorty

  107. Zahid Rashid Soorty

  108. Syeda Zheelan Zahid

  109. Mehreen Akbar

  110. Asad Mahmood Ali

  111. JT Khan

  112. Jawaid Tariq Khan

  113. Abdul Rashid Soorty

  114. Nargis Shahid Soorty

  115. Shahid Rashid Soorty

  116. Abida Zulfiqar

  117. Abdul Rashid Soorty

  118. Pir Ali Gohar

  119. Mohamed Zaffrullah Khan

  120. Umer Aziz

  121. Humayun S Khan

  122. The Bearer

  123. The Bearer

  124. The Bearer

  125. Mehr E Azam

  126. The Bearer

  127. Sadaf

  128. The Bearer

  129. The Bearer

  130. Ayaz Thaver

  131. Gulnoor Ayaz Thaver

  132. Osman Khan

  133. Aqueel Hassan

  134. Naeem Aslam Chowdry

  135. Ali Siddiqui

  136. Fatima Waqas Paracha

  137. Muhammad Aly Saifvllah Khan Shahzaib Akhtar

  138. Javed S Khan

  139. Salim S Khan

  140. Samia Roomi

  141. Salim Khan

  142. Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam

  143. Shamoon S Aslam

  144. Nadeem Ahmed Jeddy

  145. Nizar Mohammed

  146. Noor Mohammed Ebrahim

  147. The Bearer

  148. The Bearer

  149. The Bearer

  150. The Bearer

  151. The Bearer

  152. The Bearer

  153. The Bearer

  154. The Bearer

  155. Salman Ahmed Tabba

  156. Gul Muhammad Tabba

  157. Fazal Khan

  158. Anwar S Khan

  159. Amer Abdullah

  160. Ali Abdullah

  161. Ambareen Amer

  162. Tanwir Hassan

  163. Javed Saifullah Khan

  164. Anwar S Khan

  165. Osman S Khan

  166. Sara Adnan Paracha

  167. Iqbal S Khan

  168. Syed Mahmood Ahmed

  169. Syeda Sakina Bukhari

  170. Ijaz Rashid

  171. Zain Iftikhar Sukhera

  172. Abid Ahmad Khan Bhatti

  173. The Bearer

  174. The Bearer

  175. The Bearer

  176. Mehreen Akbar

  177. Shahid Iqbal

  178. Rubina Haider

  179. Riaz Haider

  180. Imitiaz Majeed

  181. Javed S Khan

  182. Azfran Hasan

  183. Irum Hasib

  184. Fissal Atique

  185. Askara Abbasi

  186. Atique Ahmed

  187. Javed Khan

  188. Iqbal Khan

  189. Anwar Khan

  190. The Bearer

  191. Ilyas Mehraj

  192. The Bearer

  193. The Bearer

  194. The Bearer

  195. Javed Khan

  196. The Bearer

  197. Salim Khan

  198. Mehreen Muddassir Paracha

  199. Nadeem Iqbal Saigol

  200. Hussain Haji

  201. Azim Mohammad Haji

  202. Humayun Khan

  203. Javed S Khan

  204. Hamid Ullah

  205. The Bearer

  206. Anwar S Khan

  207. Iqbal S Khan

  208. The Bearer

  209. Anwar Khan

  210. Irshad Ali Mian

  211. Waseem Gulzar Chaudhry

  212. The Bearer

  213. The Bearer

  214. The Bearer

  215. Mehreen Akbar

  216. Musa Khan

  217. Hanif Muhammad

  218. Jehangir Khan

  219. Jehangir Saifullah Khan

  220. Faisal Farid

  221. Muhammad Iqbal

  222. Nadeem Abdullah

  223. Noshaba Nadeem

  224. Nabeel Abdullah

  225. Mahin Hasib

  226. Irfan Puri

  227. Atique Ahmed

  228. Mahin Hasib

  229. Mohammad Abdullah

  230. Shamshad Begum

  231. Jehangir Saifullah Khan

  232. Muhammad Shoaib

  233. Khalid Hussain

  234. Ijaz Rashid

  235. Shamshad Begum

  236. Ambareen Amer

  237. Rubina Riaz

  238. Usma Yousef

  239. Jehangir Saifullah Khan

  240. Yousef Abduallah

  241. Abida Zulfiqar

  242. Zulfiqar Paracha

  243. Shamalia Nasir

  244. Hamid Ullah

  245. Fazal Khan

  246. Shams Nasir Pirzada

  247. Shahid Abdullah

  248. Saba Obaid

  249. Fatima Waqas Paracha

  250. Amer Abdullah

  251. Riaz Haider Ali

  252. Irshad Ali Mian

  253. Mehreen Muddassir Paracha

  254. Mohammad Abdullah

  255. Sara Adnan Paracha

  256. Dr Kamran Kamal

  257. Sadaf

  258. Ali Abdullah

Published in The Express Tribune, May 10th, 2016.


Umar R. | 5 years ago | Reply @And?: Thanks for being reasonable. That's exactly the point. People seem to think if someone has offshore company, he must the most evil person there is which ofcourse isn't true. Many of the companies are totally legit and people just made some investments. That's it. Offshore company = company which is out of the your own country. Onshore company = within your country.
Hiding | 5 years ago | Reply The list has no order? It should be given an alphabetical order at least if not according to how big a money is stashed away.
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