Style anatomy: Anusheh Shahid

The striking face Style Haven, and the Karachi brand manager of HSY talks to us about how she dresses for her physique

May 01, 2016

The striking face behind the fashion blog Style Haven, as well as the Karachi brand manager of HSY, talks to us about how she dresses for her physique

Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

How would you describe your body type?

Lean and athletic.

Has your body type changed over the last five years?

Yes, it has. I was always lean, but ever since I have started working out, my body is a lot stronger and more toned. It’s a positive change, but a different body type.

How has your style changed over the years?

As my style develops, I find myself focusing on cleaner cuts and silhouettes. While I generally lean towards more minimal and androgynous looks, I’d say I’m constantly changing something or the other about the way I dress. It’s like being a fashion chameleon; you play with all these different personalities without losing your own identity.

In your opinion what is your most troublesome area?

I wouldn’t really say I have a ‘troublesome’ area. I like my body the way it is.

How do you dress your body according to your body type?

I think due to my height and physique, most styles do look good on me. However, since I have broad shoulders and I am overall quite slim, it’s extremely important that my clothes fit my body well, so my proportions are balanced.

In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing here?

Following trends blindly. If you don’t dress for yourself, you’ll never be able to own your look.

What silhouettes suit your body the most?

Anything that is well-tailored and balances
my proportions.

What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why?

I absolutely hate baggy tops that cinch up at the bottom. That’s one piece that doesn’t do anyone any favours!


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