#FixIt campaigners on a mission to make city greener

Some 420 trees have been planted since drive was launched on March 27

#FixIt campaigners planted trees on the right bank of Manzoor Colony nullah on Thursday evening. PHOTO: AYSHA SALEEM/EXPRESS

KARACHI: At a time when builders are cutting down trees to make more buildings, a few citizens are trying to do their part by planting more trees in the city.

Alamgir Khan, founder of #FixIt campaign, and other volunteers planted a total of 280 trees on the right bank of Manzoor Colony nullah on Thursday. The plantation campaign was launched on March 27, during which 140 trees were planted at a roundabout in North Nazimabad near Ziauddin Hospital.

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The campaign seeks to counter the effects of global warming, said Khan. He added that he plans to plant another 220 cornocarpus trees so that the number will increase to 500. He also urged the people living in nearby neighbourhoods to take care of the plants.

Khan told The Express Tribune said that the reason why he has chosen cornocarpus plant for Manzoor Colony is because this particular tree grows faster than the rest.

A few residents of the area also joined hands with the volunteers during the plantation campaign. Mumtaz Shah, who was heading to his home, stopped his car and helped the volunteers. People must remember the deadly heatwave that struck last year and they must support those who are trying to make the environment better, he said. “They must be encouraged to take care of the trees after they have been planted.”

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An old man, identified as Qadeer Bakhsh, was also seen doing his part during the drive. “At one hand, the city is facing a shortage of tree due to deforestation, on the other hand, there are few responsible citizens focusing on development of the city,” he remarked.

“All we need to do is to just give a five minutes to these plants, once they begin to grow they will provide us with oxygen as well as shade,” said a passerby Zohaib Hussain.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 22nd, 2016.

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