DIG: why were officers bypassed for promotion

Ppi May 05, 2010

RATODERO: In a move against unfair promotions, a senior police officer has asked for an explanation as to why some ASIs and SIOs were given preference rather than more senior men.

DIG Larkana Sanaullah Abbasi is said to have told DPO Irfan Baloch to remove the ASIs and SIO, posted as SHOs or explain why they were given these posts when three inspectors and 11 sub-inspectors were in line for the promotion in his district at police lines, Larkana. According to a letter, three ASIs have been posted as SHOs despite restrictions (DIGP’s letter dated Dec 17, 2009).

They are ASI Imamuddin Chandio at Ketty Mumtaz, ASI Aijaz Ali Pathan at Veehar and ASI Muhammad Mour Chandio at Hatri Ghulam Shah police stations. The three inspectors include Safdar Abbasi, Ghulam Ali Brohi and Abdul Razak Bugti and 11 SIs are Niaz Buriro, Razzak Sohoo, Murteza Abro, Fida Bhatti, Gohar Abbas Shah, Anwar Abro, Ramzan Bhaghat, Aijaz Khoso, Badal Panhwar, Mumtaz Rahujo and Noor Mustafa Mughal.

Some officers believe that it is better to post junior officers as SHOs as they work better than their seniors in the hope that one day they will also be granted a special promotion if they perform better. According to a senior officer, older officers are more inclined to corruption than fresh faces. The older ones also have more links with landlords and politicians and are hence under more influence from them.

Another senior police officer said that the government has passed the 18th amendment, which should end the separation of the Investigation police from the Operations and restore the old system. When the two systems are separated, junior officers such as DSPs are posted as SP Investigations and are thus at the same level as DIGPs and PSP officers. This shattered the morale of the police officers.

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