The corner: Nazish Sameer

Nazish Sameer, digital media head at Paperazzi, opens the door to her luxurious bathroom

April 10, 2016

Nazish Sameer, digital media head at Paperazzi, opens the door to her luxurious bathroom and talks about how her most private space is her greatest escape from the world

The bathroom is possibly the most private space in any house and our surprise is understandable when Nazish Sameer selects her bathroom as her favourite corner in her beautiful home in Model Town, Lahore.

This clean white space is minimal, yet impactful and glamorous at the same time. The first thing that catches the eye is the jacuzzi in the middle with a crystal chandelier suspended above it.

“I love my bathroom because I have absolute privacy here, it’s a small comforting space and whenever I am anxious or having a stressful day, this is where I hold myself up,” says Sameer. “Even when my husband and I need to have important discussions, we have them here.”

The ornaments and decorative pieces are from Zara Home along with Ze Galleria in Washington DC. There are elegant candle stands from Marina Home and white lanterns from One, Dubai; white bamboo shoots in a corner add to the elegance, making the bathroom as tasteful as any other part of the house.

“I have my walk-in closet here and it’s a quiet, safe space, because once I lock the door to my bathroom, not even my children knock on it or intrude my ‘alone’ time,” she shares. “As it is my one escape in the house, I have decorated it with pieces that are soothing and timeless. I also feel that a hot shower and a hot cup of tea can cure anything.”

Sameer confesses her love for everything white and how if it were up to her, her entire house would be white. “I had to recently change my lounge because I had white furniture and it got destroyed after a
get-together we hosted,” she confesses, “so I am glad that this space is white and just the way I want it.”