Detained Indian spy confesses to RAW's involvement in Balochistan

Published: March 29, 2016
Video shows Kulbhushan Yadav, who is suspected of being an Indian spy, during a press conference in Islamabad on March 29, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

Video shows Kulbhushan Yadav, who is suspected of being an Indian spy, during a press conference in Islamabad on March 29, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

Days after an Indian ‘spy’ was detained in Balochistan, the military and government released a six-minute video of the Indian naval officer confessing to RAW’s involvement in the country, especially Balochistan.

In a joint press conference with Information Minister Pervez Rashid held on Tuesday, military spokesperson Gen Asim Bajwa said Kulbhushan Yadav is a serving Indian naval officer whose primary mission was to foment terrorism in Karachi and Balochistan.

“He converted to Islam and worked at Gadani under the cover of a scrap dealer,” said Gen Bajwa, terming his detention a ‘big achievement’.

Analysis: Kulbhushan Yadav’s RAW move

“Pakistan and Balochistan’s maps were recovered from Yadav’s possession. He used to establish a network of operatives, provide funds, arrange and smuggle people for terrorism in the country,” Bajwa claimed.

DG ISPR Asim Bajwa along with Information Minister Pervez Minister speaks with media representatives as he gives details of arrested man Kulbhushan Yadav, suspected of being an Indian spy, during a press conference in Islamabad on March 29, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

The DG ISPR added the Indian spy, who worked under the name Hussain Mubarak Patel, was tasked with carrying out bomb blasts, disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, plan attacks in Karachi and work against efforts of Balochistan reconciliation.

‘RAW officer’ arrested in Balochistan

“Yadav also had a link in the assassination of former SSP CID Chaudhry Aslam, said Bajwa,” adding the Indian agent, apprehended in the first week of March, will be prosecuted under the law of the land.

Meanwhile, Rashid said Pakistan had fulfilled its responsibility by conveying the news of Yadav’s arrest to Indian ambassador.

Last week, Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti had revealed the arrest of the RAW officer.

Islamabad and the Balochistan government have long accused RAW and Afghan intelligence of funding and training Baloch insurgents, who have been targeting security forces and pro-government personalities in the province for the past 10 years.

Detained ‘RAW’ officer retired prematurely from Indian navy, says New Delhi

Security forces have stepped up operations in the violence-wracked Balochistan province since the announcement of the National Action Plan against terrorism in December 2014.

The province has been in the throes of a low-key insurgency since 2004, which became deadlier after the killing of Baloch chieftain Nawab Akbar Bugti in 2006.

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Reader Comments (22)

  • Mar 29, 2016 - 4:31PM

    A little early Mr. minister, you should take some more rest..Recommend

  • Hari
    Mar 29, 2016 - 5:44PM

    Intriguing, a lot of terrorists arrested with hordes of ammunitions! But no report of any terrorists killed in action or terrorists fighting back and army men getting killed!!! Should some cute docile terrorists!Recommend

  • sabi
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:02PM

    India you lost my respect for killing thousands of innocent people.I dont believe in tit for tat where innocent are involved but can Pakistani establishment believe the same way the answer is not positive. Relax for a while.Recommend

  • paki drama
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:09PM

    anothr nerrative from pakistan after Indian involvement dramas before and recent discussion with Iran.Recommend

  • Truth
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:28PM

    Yep.. We totaly believe what’s said or not said under torture. Like u accepted kasab of 26/11, udampur millitant, David headley(Gilani)and hundred of pakistani caught in india confession we gave u right? This is same like, when they said they discussed this issue with iran , and then iran comes out and rubbishes it saying they never discussed any such thing.Recommend

  • Fast
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:30PM

    shame on india. well done pak armyRecommend

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:34PM

    That sounds quick and convenient to me . If its too obvious then some one has planted it there . Obviously hes been trained to say these things . Recommend

  • Irfan
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:55PM

    Gov should raise this issue at every levelRecommend

  • Brainy Bhaijan
    Mar 29, 2016 - 6:58PM

    People were expecting a news conference around punjab operation and islamabad, but instead they turned it into raw nonsense.Recommend

  • Sana
    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:02PM

    Not sure why he confessed but he seems a decent enough guy. umm. the content of his confession..I suppose it isnt really news.Recommend

  • Imran Bhatt
    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:07PM

    This guy sings like canary and appears softer than Dr Asim. RAW seriously need to change their recruitment and training regime.Recommend

    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:16PM

    press conference not about massacre of sundayRecommend

  • vinsin
    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:32PM

    He is reading from a template and video is edited. Nothing specific about his work.
    If the guy is genuine than it is good that India is doing something, Indians would be satisfied knowing that RAW is doing something.Recommend

  • Brainy Bhaijan
    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:47PM

    So no mention of the counter terror operations in punjab or the issue with islamabad?Recommend

  • Imran Qadri
    Mar 29, 2016 - 7:58PM

    Congratulation to ISI,MI,FC Baluchistan and other agencies that are working to bust these types of spies and terrorist handlers. There must be countless other such element that must working inside Pakistan that still need to be busted,so agencies should continue to work hard and dismantle their network. Recommend

  • dhani
    Mar 30, 2016 - 12:58AM

    Exactly the same way Ajmal Kassab was crying in his confession “haey Bhagwan maaf nahi keray ga”Recommend

  • noble
    Mar 30, 2016 - 1:27AM

    never seen anybody more happier to be caught…:P and dat too a spy…Recommend

  • syed & syed
    Mar 30, 2016 - 2:03AM

    The official version raised some questions. When and where he embraced Islam. How and under which capacity he was working in Gadani. Was any passport given in the name of Husaain Mubarak Patel. Did he ever get Pakistan visa while crossing from Iran to Pakistan or Pakistan to Iran. This confusion be removed sooner the better. One thing is certain that he was an spyRecommend

  • Np
    Mar 30, 2016 - 6:33AM

    @sabi: Isn’t is fishy that he is not being given consular access? Please remember that India had offerred consular access to Kasab. On one hand, sworn testimony on oath by Kasab and Headley in Indian and US court, voice recording of the 26/11 handlers as well as video footage of Kasab on a killing rampage that the world saw is considered as flimsy evidence by your courts. On the other hand you showcase an unarmed man, claim that he is a sponsor of terror, deny him due process of law, extract confessions under duress and expect the world to believe you?

    ET : Please print. These are facts.Recommend

  • Nazli
    Mar 30, 2016 - 6:33AM

    i am not impressed by the complacent behavior of Pakistani government. Why not contact all the foreign media and governments and spread the word, like India does. India is known in the international community as a peace loving, forward looking country, who is under terrorism threat from their neighbor. REVEAL THEIR TRUE COLORS.Recommend

  • Sid
    Mar 30, 2016 - 7:49AM

    Man, this looks so staged and pre scripted. Recommend

  • Unknown
    Mar 30, 2016 - 12:36PM

    Look at the person, its crystal clear that he reading from a prompter. :DRecommend

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