The interview: Faran Tahir

We talk to the versatile actor about sundry things


Pakistani-origin actors, producers, and technicians are joining the international stage and Faran Tahir is no newbie in Hollywood. We talk to the versatile actor about sundry things - from his films Iron Man, Star Trek, and Elysium to name a few, to his connection with Pakistan, his favourite dialogue, and how many unread emails he has!

Are you aware of the fan following for you in Pakistan?

I am very humbled by the support I get from people in Pakistan. It’s the wind beneath my wings.

Do you have any memories of Karachi?

I have a lot of family in Karachi so have numerous fond memories of the city; especially it’s food and friendliness.

What do you think of the new movies coming up in Pakistan?

I think Pakistan’s cinema revival is something we should all be proud of. I love that we are being innovative and bravely exploring new genres and relevant topics.

From all the shows you’ve worked on, which set was the most fun to be on and why?

That’s a very hard question to answer. It’s funny how in this business you almost create a little family in a very short period of time.

Ever had strange requests from friends and relatives back home for autographs and pictures of fellow co-stars?

Nothing too crazy but when people do ask, it is very humbling.

What would your dream role be, if you haven’t gotten to play it already?

Any role that one can sink one’s teeth into is a dream role.

Would you say it’s just as hard for a Pakistani to enter Hollywood, as anyone else, or harder now given the political climate?

It is a tough business. Each person has his or her own obstacles to overcome. I never consider others’ plights and challenges any less than mine.

Did you think roles are stereotypical for actors of South-Asian background in Hollywood?

Not always. Yes, there are certain types of roles that are more common but it is gradually changing.

Would you like to work in a Pakistani film?

I would love to work in Pakistan provided it’s a good script and the logistics work out.

Give us your favourite dialogue from all the characters you have played, where’s it from?

“Speak of me as I am, nothing extenuate” Othello, Act 5, Scene 2.

Toss Up

Faran Tahir is challenged with some of our snap questions!

1. Biggest irrational fear?

Fear itself.

2. Sci-Fi, action, drama, romance, thriller or comedy? Take your pick.

All of the above.

3. A co-star you find attractive?

Oh… not going there!

4. What’s your kryptonite?


5. What’s the last picture on your camera roll?

Opening night picture from Othello with the director and actors.

6. Favourite word?


7. Life motto?

Always give respect and settle for nothing less.

Taking Numbers

These questions require number answers only and Faran Tahir lists its all down!

How long is your shower?

10 minutes

How many times do you use a curse word in a day?

Too many times!

How many unread emails in your inbox?

17000 emails

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

6 hours

Faran Tahir is a Pakistani-American Hollywood actor, performing in Othello, organised by the Shakespeare Theater Company, currently going on at the Sidney Harman Hall in Washington DC.


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