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Your colour contact choices sorted for the wedding season

March 20, 2016

Your colour contact choices sorted for the wedding season!

These days, we coordinate everything with our outfits: from shoes, makeup, bags, accessories to even dental braces. With so much coordination, why leave behind one thing that can really tie your whole look together? Colour contact lenses are a safe, temporary and fun way to highlight your eyes for any function, especially for the wedding season.

Since mehndi colours are bright —  like orange, yellow, pink and green —  your eye colour should not be too light. It must be soft and blend in, instead of standing out. In this case, colours like Brilliant Brown or Gleaming Green would suffice.

Now let’s move on to the main event, the barat. On this occasion it is common to wear dark colors like emerald green, red, shades of blue and so on, and these colours are usually accompanied by tones of gold or silver. The sparkle from the golds and silvers, as well as from sequins and diamantes, can be quite eye-catching, therefore low-key colours would be a better option. Colours like Cool Green, Romantic Violet and Warm Hazel would be good choices.

Lastly, we come to the closing function, the valima. This is an event where pale colours are worn, like white, light blue, pale pink or lilac and pale green. A light eye colour would really enhance these soft colours and Misty Grey, Glittering Blue or Baby Aqua would look wonderful.

With this breakdown of contact lenses according to event, you can choose your eye make-up accordingly. Just remember that with lighter shades you can make your eye make-up more eye-catching and dramatic, but with darker contact colours it would be better to keep the eye makeup subtle; otherwise there would be too many elements in the eye area.

Be sure to invest in your favourite Freshkon contact colours this wedding season to enjoy the perfect look!


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