Is SRK the biggest movie star in the world? CNN thinks so

Published: February 24, 2016
CNN calls Bollywood actor 'world's biggest star' SCREENGRAB

CNN calls Bollywood actor 'world's biggest star' SCREENGRAB

Shah Rukh Khan’s global fan base has increased tremendously over the past few years and he is “perhaps the world’s biggest movie star,” according to Los Angeles Times.

But is the growing competition with Hollywood a cause of concern for the superstar?

“Thankfully unless they have six songs in their films they’re not competing with us [laughs], which I’m sure is not going to happen,” said Shah Rukh in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

India is the only major market where Hollywood films struggle to compete and are making serious efforts to penetrate into the country.

“But I think you’re completely right. I’ve always had this worry that if we’re not able to change our cinema quickly enough we would be over taken. Like, principal movies all around the world are Hollywood films, India is the only country where local cinemas does better than international cinemas,” King Khan admitted.


The King lives on: Shah Rukh Khan’s career is far from over

Quoting acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, the actor said, “The reason for local movies to survive is stardom.” The King of Bollywood explained that India has a balance of stardom, which has helped local cinema thrive. “As long as the star system is retained in the country it will be some time and before international films kick in,” he said.

SRK believes that international cinema is not competition for the country as yet because Indian cinema is changing and younger people are venturing into the entertainment business.

Speaking about his global fan base, the 50-year-old actor said, “It never ceases to amaze me; because the last film we released in Peru. [And now] we are releasing [films] in markets like Finland and Sweden, markets where we never thought a Hindi film would go out, even with subtitles or dub.”

The actor disclosed that countries like Germany France, Italy, were amazed by the response Hindi films received from Europe and that business has increased tenfold due to viewers in England, America, South Asia and even China.

“I think the two different kinds of cinema coming to the fore in India are also helping [global outreach]. We have some really artistic films that are being taken in, these are small steps towards creating an international market for Indian films,” he explained.


With “more devoted fans than any other movie star in the world,” the Dilwale actor is bewildered by how people in South America, Morroco and UAE undertsnad his films. “I want to ask how do these guys know and what do they understand what I’m doing [in the films],” he said.

“… They sing Hindi songs, they say Hindi dialogues, they Dubsmash, it’s new and it’s really encouraging,” added the star.

How Shah Rukh Khan helped a small nation rediscover love

SRK, who made $38 million last year, shared his experience with  fans during his show in New York. “Of 8,000 people we had about 500 to 800 Americans watching an Indian show, and I spoke to some of the ladies and they said ‘we love Indian films, we love you and we’ve travelled thousands of miles just to see you’,” he said.

But he’s not complaining, for Shah Rukh this “shows that Indian films are progressively making a footprint outside of India.”

Shah Rukh Khan may be turning 51 this year, but that isn’t stopping him from working in the film industry. The superstar plans to continue his acting career for the next 30 years at least and said, “If my life has to go, it should be with a ‘cut’ and an ‘okay’.”

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  • rajesh
    Feb 24, 2016 - 3:50PM

    So intolerant India made him the world’s greatest star…. If hindus were intolerant, he would not have been even a star, let alone superstar. Can a hindu be atleast a hero in a Pakistani film, if not a superstar. And India is intolerant….Recommend

  • illpopo
    Feb 24, 2016 - 4:20PM

    Agreed, sorry to haters!!Recommend

  • Shahdab
    Feb 24, 2016 - 4:22PM

    He is just an over hyped actor as most Indian actors are.Recommend

  • G. Din
    Feb 24, 2016 - 7:16PM


  • saeed
    Feb 24, 2016 - 7:34PM

    Fareed Zakaria is an Indian agent. Look at all his writings and programs and you will instantly notice this bias. So, no wonder he puts SRK on top. But I don’t think, any of the SRK hit movies comes close to any of the Hollywood semi-hit movies. 90% of indian movies does not even have original content. Indian movies copy stories, themes, dialogs and even song tunes from all over the world.Recommend

  • Ahmed Wani
    Feb 25, 2016 - 12:29AM

    Yes we copy everything……Why dont your country copy a movie like 3 idiots or something an make paki 1400 crore or something which pk has done….paki 1400 crore is equivalent to almost 140 million dollars…..IMF tranch to pakistan is around 500 million $…our industry earns revenue of 5 billion $ and is second largest industry…..and we already have some good markets like Middle east and South Asia and think of this only half of India watches Bollywood Movies….Our Regional Telegu and Tamil Industries movie earn more than 500 crore paki rupee…Europe,America….ask white about bollywood dance…Infact whatever 1-2 movie you are making…they are themselves a copy of typecast bollywood movie….Recommend

  • Rashid
    Feb 25, 2016 - 12:51AM

    Dont know about the world, but he definitely is the actor who receives the most coverage in Pakistani Urdu and English pressRecommend

  • Korn
    Feb 26, 2016 - 2:05AM

    @Shahdab: The only over-hyped actor in the indian film industry is Fawad Khan. Please take him back along with your other bad actors.Recommend

  • gp65
    Feb 26, 2016 - 5:05AM

    @saeed: Fareed Zakaria was born and raised in India. Also unlike what you have been brainwashed into believing, Muslims are not discriminated against in India – so despite migrating to US, Fareed continues to maintain a soft corner for the land of his birth Also Shah Rukh would not even have a star let alone become a super star if India was as intolerant as you are led to believe.Recommend

  • Indian
    May 12, 2016 - 8:59PM

    Why do you want Indians in Pak movies? Leave alone Indians, even Pakistanis do not want that.Recommend

  • Indian
    May 12, 2016 - 9:01PM

    Yeah! This over-hyped actor is being watched all over world, even by non-Indians.. Do you know sun never sets on Indian Diaspora?Recommend

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