Commodity prices rise in April

Faryal Najeeb May 01, 2010

KARACHI: Prices of essential commodities rose in April with the most significant increase seen in cooking oil, pulses and meat products. Dealers and grocers said that the price rise had been due to various reasons, including shortage in the market as demand continued to stay high.

They said that seasonal changes also caused fluctuations in prices. Moong pulse prices rose the sharpest over one month as they climbed from Rs85-95 per kilogramme in March to Rs105- 120 per kg in April. Branded cooking oil was another item whose prices soared as a 2.5-litre tin was available at Rs373 compared to Rs353 in March. Mutton prices increased by Rs20 to Rs400-410 per kg in April against Rs370-390 in March. Beef prices surged to Rs200- 220 per kg, up by Rs15, compared to Rs185-205 per kg a month earlier.

However, prices of some commodities remained unchanged in April. Wheat flour was sold for Rs29-32 per kg in most cities of the country. Basmati rice (broken) was priced at Rs40-50 per kg. However, prices of different qualities of basmati rice such as Super Kernel increased by up to Rs10 depending on the brand. Masoor pulse was available at Rs110-130 per kg while mash pulse was being sold for Rs130- 140 per kg in April. Interestingly, chicken prices fell by Rs10 to Rs135-145 per kg in April . Sugar prices dropped by Rs5 to Rs60-65 per kg as supply of the sweetener improved in April.