Shah Rukh Khan refuses to comment on Ghulam Ali's concert in India

Published: January 12, 2016
The actor explained this was due to his statements being misconstrued by the public.

The actor explained this was due to his statements being misconstrued by the public.

Following the announcement of Ghulam Ali’s concert in the state capital, people directed their questions to Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, inquiring about his views on the event.

Having previously hinted at the growing intolerance in India, SRK chose to stay out of the heated debate this time and remained mum about the controversy.

Indian chief minister invites Ghulam Ali to perform in state capital

He explained it was due to the fact that his statements on political or religious affairs are misconstrued by the public. “Because of the reaction I get, whenever I make political or religious comments, I will not use this platform to say anything on this [matter],” the star said.

His previous comments on the intolerance issue had created controversy, followed by Aamir Khan’s comment on leaving India. However, SRK stood his ground and refused to apologise, claiming he had not said anything that he felt sorry for.

Ghulam Ali pays ‘surprise’ visit to Mika’s concert in Delhi

Though he did regret that because of his statements being misconstrued, his film Dilwale suffered at the box office.

Ghulam Ali also suffered a similar fate when his concert in Mumbai was cancelled due to threats by the Shiv Sena. After the unfortunate incident, the legendary ghazal singer had expressed his disappointment asserting “never to return to India”.

However, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee offered Kolkata as a venue following the cancellation of the Mumbai concert in October and the Pakistani singer is all set to perform in the state capital on Tuesday.

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