Taking the fall

Syed Nadir El-edroos May 01, 2010

LONDON: This is with reference to your editorial of May 1 titled “Taking the fall for a general”. Is anyone really surprised at how things have transpired? It has been widely reported in the Pakistani media that prior to appearing before the inquiry committee the major-general met senior military officials.

The people of Pakistan would like to know what was said in those meetings because the impression that one gets from this is that he was being aided. These events once again prove that some of our institutions take care of their own, even at the expense of the nation. It would have been good if it was shown that no one is above the law.


qamar cheema | 12 years ago | Reply ban JAMIAT Once again the brutality of IJT in Punjab University has been seen, Where they thrashed the security personnel of Punjab University . IJT is not ashamed of its previous act of violence at teacher that they are in action again. It means they have not been punished or threatened to punish but given support to do more. How is it possible that student from different background and localities to come in university and act in these ways as IJT is doing with out any back from powerful corridors. Jamat I Islami wants to have complete hold on Punjab University so that its ideology to remain alive in youth. Their aim is to make the youth radical and to use them once they needed them as they are using them in PU campus. IJT is educated militant organization. The campus of Punjab University is not less than FATA where women are not allowed to interact with men. Politian’s are using students for their vested interests. I think this kind of Politian’s must be ashamed that they are spoiling the youth. Punjab government which is famous for its right wing ideology has done nothing to save the prestigious institution of Lahore. Please stop supporting the right wing elements for your own will and love for them. This is the matter of fate of millions of Pakistanis who are at the helm of you people. IJT must be banned, this organization is not less than other terrorist who have weapons and fighting the state. These students are toeing the same agenda but in a different style. The PML N which raises slogans that their voter is educated is losing credibility among its voters who does not support right wing. Today’s educated class is the product of market economy so it’s liberal in its views and thoughts. Nawaz sharif must revisit its strategy if he wants that our nation to be prosperous and our youth to abstain from politics of hatred and torture. Credibility of PML N is already at stake because of their soft support to terrorists and their links with banned organizations. This party has always tried to shy away from condemning the terrorists. So at the end it’s the Politian’s who have to take serious note of this kind of violence especially at educational institutions
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