Islamic State issues decree to kill children with Down’s Syndrome

Reports suggest the ‘fatwa’ was issued by one of the ‘Sharia’ judges Abu Said Aljazrawi

Web Desk December 15, 2015
Islamic State has so far reportedly executed 38 babies and children suffering from deformities. PHOTO: AFP

The militant Islamic State (IS) has issued a decree allowing its activists to execute newborns and children suffering from Down’s syndrome.

The outfit has already killed no less than 38 newborns and children, of ages one week to three months, affected by deformities, according to reports.

Reports suggest the ‘fatwa’ was issued by one of the ‘Sharia’ judges Abu Said Aljazrawi as quoted by a blogger of the activist group Mosul Eye. “We stand by what we published on our page, every word of it.”

“They were killed by either lethal injection or suffocation; some of those killings took place in Syria and Mosul,” according to the Facebook post published by Mosul Eye.

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“ don’t know how we live! It’s severe life. ISIL are savage gangs...inhuman and terrorists...they already killed their members whom can’t be treated medically,” said a resident of Mosul Omar Aliraqi while responding to Mosul Eye Facebook post.

Some Facebook users likened the act to those by Nazis, who murdered disabled children as it was a “burden on the state”.

Facebook users reacted with pain: “I have just shed tears for these babies. I have two children with special needs, my heart is breaking. They are worse than the Nazis,” said a British lady.

The article first appeared on Hindustan Times


hameed | 7 years ago | Reply @MJ: Your comment would be valid if these "jokes" were just issued in jest. As it happens ISIS takes what it says seriously and has killed children with disabilities. "Why does anyone take them seriously is beyond me..." because they act on their stupidity. Thats why your comment is also in 'poor' taste taking a very serious thing lightly.
taggy | 7 years ago | Reply @vinsin Islam is not about it , these are not Muslims can can be someone so brutal so cruel, don't use the word Jihad and Islam without reading and go through from it , any nonhuman act you people associate with Islam, Don't you see people that these people creating hating against Islam, Please open your eyes and try to use your mind ..
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