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Updated Apr 13, 2021
LHC grants pre-arrest bail to PML-N's Rana Sanaullah

NAB fails to establish its case against the PML-N leader

Updated Apr 05, 2021
‘Dead as a dodo, PDM gets indecent burial’

PPP appears all set to part ways with PML-N and PDM, allowing PM Imran having had the last laugh

Updated Mar 27, 2021
Islamic party becomes surprise kingmaker after Israel election

Raam party on track to win five seats in Israel's 120-member parliament, with roughly 90% of the vote counted

Updated Mar 24, 2021
IHC throws out Gilani's plea challenging Senate top slot election

Islamabad High Court says parliamentary proceedings are immune to judicial interference

Updated Mar 24, 2021
Kangana Ranaut refuses to be politically connected

Actor has said she does not want to join politics either and has no political agendas

Updated Mar 24, 2021
PTI expels two MPAs for allegedly 'selling votes' during Senate polls

Aslam Abro and Sheharyar Sher may also be de-seated from Sindh Assembly, says disciplinary committee

Updated Mar 11, 2021
PDM names Abdul Ghafoor Haideri for Senate deputy chairman slot

JUI-F leader earlier refused PTI's offer for same position, saying ruling party was trying to save its 'sinking ship'

Updated Mar 09, 2021
ECP orders inclusion of PTI MPs in Ali Gilani video case

Justice Qureshi says can’t make only the one who offered bribe a party to case

Updated Mar 09, 2021
PM Imran was 'handed' trust vote by institutions, says Abbasi

PML-N leader says premier didn't earn the confidence vote; all limits were crossed to gain the support

Updated Mar 09, 2021

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  • Exclusion from climate summit

    Officials and environmentalists in Pakistan are annoyed over exclusion from the summit despite Pakistan being ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country with regard to global warming

  • Retracing our steps

    The Sindh government does not seem to be too eager to prevent the crisis

  • Falling standard

    From attendance, quizzes and assignments to posting marks on LMS and CMS, the performance of teachers and staff members remain at variance with professional standards

  • The Holi festival

    Holi is the well-renowned festival of a very ancient Indus Valley civilisation that is celebrated by the Hindu community around the world

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