Fact Check: Is viral Fox News video proof of a 'regime change'?

Proof of a US-backed conspiracy to enforce a 'regime change'? PTI chairman Imran Khan certainly thinks so

Updated May 02, 2022
Contradictions galore in Pakistan

National leaders shall have to stop delusion and be more matter-of-fact than inventing fictions only to malign rivals

Updated Apr 24, 2022
Social media ablaze after Supreme Court’s ruling

A battle of words ensued following SC reinstated National Assembly, orders voting on no-confidence motion against PM

Updated Apr 07, 2022
WATCH: Shahbaz Gill's bizarre justification for using expletives

PM aide’s justification for his abrasive language has been met with criticism once again on social media

Updated Mar 21, 2022
Satirical song on Israel-UAE ‘relations’ divides internet

In her song ‘Dubai, Dubai’, Israeli comedian Noam Shuster-Eliassi highlights ruthless brutality against Palestinians

Updated Feb 09, 2022
Ban on student unions causes 'political drought' in Pakistan

Academics, politicians seek lifting of ban on political activities in educational institutions

Updated Feb 08, 2022
Altaf Hussain goes on trial in London for 2016 hate speech

Scotland Yard had charged MQM founder with terrorism offences due to his controversial speech

Updated Jan 31, 2022
New Jersey passes resolution condemning 1984 Sikh 'genocide' in India

Damning resolution will also be presented to US President Joe Biden

Updated Jan 11, 2022
George Floyd's four-year-old niece shot at home while sleeping

Arianna Delane suffers from a punctured lung and liver and three broken ribs

Updated Jan 06, 2022
Google to ban political advertising ahead of Philippine election

Google announced that it will ban political advertising on its platform in the run-up to Philippine elections.

Updated Dec 01, 2021

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