Achakzai opposes permanent enmity in politics

“If someone comes for dialogue he must be welcomed,” says Achakzai

Rana Yasif May 03, 2024


Chairman Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Mahmood Khan Achakzai opposed on Friday the permanent enmity in politics, claiming that the country is on the verge of destruction and the only way to put it on the right track is to be united as a nation.

Addressing lawyers at the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA), Achakzai, accompanied by former speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaisar and others, underscored that "we would have to send the message that we can not afford anyone’s war in our territory".

“The people living here must be ensured that they have the right to the country’s all resources,” he said.

Achakzai, highlighting the dichotomy between religious teachings and political realities stated that "While Islam strictly prohibits lying, the truth remains that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) emerged victorious in the general elections on February 8, 2024".

"On one side telling lies is a sin but if we speak the truth, some powerful camps are annoyed. There must be the supremacy of law and the parliament must be stronger but not through stealing the mandate of the people.”

He further demanded a list of police officers who were involved in the abduction of people during elections.

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Addressing PTI’s former speaker Asad Qaisar, Achakzai advocated for reconciliation in politics, asserting that "there should be no room of permanent enmity in politics", adding that if someone comes for dialogue he must be welcomed. "Keeping all reservations, the people should move forward rather than confining themselves to the past memories.”

Asad Qaisar

PTI’s former speaker for the National Assembly Asad Qaisar urged the legal fraternity to stand by the judiciary to express solidarity after the judges revealed intervention and influence into the court matters.

“Any movement, if it is not started from Lahore has no authenticity,” Asad said.

Demanding a judicial commission to investigate the May 9 riots, he highlighted electoral irregularities, declaring the events of 8 February as a theft of public mandate. Asad emphasized that all institutions should work together to have powerful armed forces.



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