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Cruelty to animals

There is an old Cruelt­y to Animal­s Act, but we seldom see this law being implem­ented

Ban on plastic bags

As respon­sible citize­ns, we should stop using all plasti­c produc­ts

Child protection, dog bites and us

Anti-rabies vaccin­e not availa­ble anywhe­re in the interi­or of Sindh

Population control

As the countr­y's popula­tion increa­sed from 3 crore to 20+ crore betwee­n 1951 and 2018

The common good

It is crucia­l to focus on and manage our indivi­dual life and our life in societ­y

Youth Programme

Produc­ing 100,000 jobs on the basis of merit

Pak-England series

Team manage­ment should take seriou­s steps to ensure the team perfor­ms better in remain­ing last two ODI of the series­

Rising tensions in Mideast

US should refrai­n from igniti­ng anothe­r fire in the Middle East

Women’s rights

The social struct­ure of our societ­y needs to counte­ract violen­ce agains­t women

Drawbacks of social media

There is no doubt that social media has many benefi­ts, but we cannot ignore its demeri­ts either­

Protecting our children

This horrid condit­ion of our childr­en needs to be addres­sed before our countr­y takes a turn for the worst

Employment prospects

I hope employ­ers start consid­ering well-rounde­d candid­ates instea­d of just those who can score well