Imran Khan and the debilitating economy

Positive criticism plays a pivotal part in any democratic dispensation

Updated Nov 02, 2017
Here, they need everything, because they have nothing

For Bangladesh and its people, this crisis is not new

Updated Nov 02, 2017
A new era of cooperation for Central Asia

Central Asia is a dynamic and fast-changing region

Updated Oct 28, 2017
Military vs civilian economic performance

Yet another interesting debate on the jurisdiction and competency of Pindi vs Isloo boys has been initiated

Updated Oct 28, 2017
The Xi era and Pakistan

Continuity of the CPEC plan will be a clear advantage to Pakistan

Updated Oct 28, 2017
At opposite ends of the spectrum

Canada and Pakistan fall within the First World and the Third World, respectively

Updated Oct 24, 2017
Recreating classrooms

Pakistan’s education crisis is no breaking news

Updated Oct 24, 2017
Working at cross purposes

Nation is quietly awaiting some messiah to put an end to their misery

Updated Oct 15, 2017
Textile sector losing out

The textile sector has been the country’s backbone as it provides employment and export revenues

Updated Oct 10, 2017
Notes to a modern-day political ‘princess’

It is self-evident that the role of the former PM is 'Lord, the counsellor' to 'the Princess'

Updated Sep 26, 2017

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  • Internet safety

    The internet has become our partner in daily life. It brings a lot of ease and convenience for its users.

  • A mission, a dream

    It is easy to lambast someone from the comfort of your home. In reality, only a handful dare to dream big and a few actually follow that dream

  • ‘Civil’ society

    Recent surge in the voices for the greater autonomy of individuals is providing an impetus for the assault on civility

  • Power of thought

    Even though the ability to think clearly, creatively and critically is a potent tool, many underestimate the power of thought itself

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