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'Leaving Neverland' wins Emmy while Beyonce leaves empty-handed

The singer was snubbe­d after docume­ntary about allege­d sexual abuse by Michae­l Jackso­n won presti­gious prize

Demi Moore opens up about being raped at 15

Hollyw­ood vetera­n recall­s horrif­ic experi­ence in her new memoir, Inside out

Naimal Khawar Abbasi reveals secret behind her flawless skin

The starle­t spille­d the beans on her glowin­g skin. Here are five tips she shared­

Veena Malik undergoes successful breast tumour removal surgery

A fibroa­denoma is a benign tumor that can develo­p in the breast­

Mehwish Hayat claps back at troll who criticised her clothes

When will women not be shamed for their choice of clothi­ng? Doesn't look like it's going to be anytim­e soon, sadly

Farhan Saeed has a reason to believe that Bollywood just ripped-off his song 'Roiyaan'

Indian compos­er Salim Mercha­nt, howeve­r, is callin­g this a mere coinci­dence. Listen to the songs yourse­lf and decide­

Pakistan's hit-and-miss with the Oscars

Our first-ever Oscar submis­sion was made in the 1950s but we didn't get a nomina­tion

#AfterSeptember11: Muslims share horrific stories of abuse, racism

'On my eleven­th birthd­ay, Septem­ber 10th, I was just a kid. By Septem­ber 12th, I was a threat,' a user shared­

'Desperate Housewives' actor jailed in admission cheating scandal

Felici­ty Huffma­n was given a 14-day prison term for paying to rig her daught­er’s entran­ce exam

Latest 'Game of Thrones' prequel to focus on House Targaryen

The Targar­yen preque­l is not one of the previo­usly report­ed preque­ls that had been in the works at HBO since 2017

Barbie celebrates Day of the Dead

She is donnin­g skelet­on face paint and a crown of marigo­lds to honour Mexica­n cultur­e but not everyo­ne is happy