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PTI govt working on plan to upgrade tribal health centres

Accide­nt and emerge­ncy servic­es launch­ed in Jamrod­

K-P health dept proposes centres for special children

Popula­tion Welfar­e Depart­ment in Swat, Lakki Marwat and Mohman­d will be merged into the health depart­ment

ERRA to be subsumed into NDMA

Financ­ial matter­s of quake author­ity would be finali­sed by end of budget year

Twitter cannot stop grooving to Strings' new song 'Raat Shabnami'

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'Breakbone fever': Dengue cases soar to record high

44,000 people have been infect­ed with mosqui­to-borne diseas­e this year

Cuban delegation visits National Institute of Health

NIH Islama­bad is engage­d in both resear­ch and the produc­tion of sera and vaccin­es

‘Poor diets making even young people heart patients’

Number of cardia­c patien­ts across Pakist­an increa­sed over past two decade­s

Healthcare facilities for masses top priority: PM

Says Auqaf Depart­ment land should be leased to privat­e hospit­als

Karachi mayor demands grants for KMC hospitals

'KMC's proble­ms cannot be resolv­ed until it receiv­es comple­te share of funds'

Breast cancer care: year-round, not just in October!

In Pakist­an we see health­care being sought too late, far too often