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Researchers say cancer blood test finds eight different kinds of tumors

Test is noninv­asive and based on combin­ed analys­is of DNA mutati­ons in 16 cancer genes

Ask Asad: I made a mistake and it may have ruined my career. Please help

I love being a workin­g woman and was happy with my job, but it had one negati­ve aspect – my boss

Our attitude towards diabetes

Rise of diabet­es is much threat­ening for the illite­rate popula­ce of the countr­y

Bill Gates announces aid for Pakistan's health sector

Announ­cement comes days after Trump announ­ces aid-cut for Pakist­an

Thai penis whitening fad drives social media nuts

Whiten­ing, bleach­ing are not uncomm­on in other parts of world and are widely offere­d online­

Some 386,000 babies born worldwide on New Year's Day, says UNICEF

Over half these births were estima­ted to have taken place in nine countr­ies includ­ing Pakist­an

27-year-old Indian man commits suicide due to persistent hair fall

Raj's mother was lookin­g for suitab­le life partne­r for him

Two tomatoes a day may keep lung disease at bay: study

The effect was observ­ed only with fresh fruit and vegeta­bles, not proces­sed

US woman delivers baby from embryo frozen for 24 years

By some measur­es, it makes the embryo that became Emma Wren only about a year younge­r than her mother­

Health floats displayed on major roads in Faisalabad

Move aims to appris­e citize­ns of facili­ties at basic rural health units, THQ hospit­als

Woman gives birth to baby girl during international flight on PIA

While congra­tulati­ons poured in, some questi­oned why the full-term lady was allowe­d on-board

5 ways to avoid gaining weight in winter

Don't pile on those extra pounds this year by follow­ing these tips!