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Thailand bans smoking, littering at popular tourist beaches

The law protec­ts 24 beache­s in 15 provin­ces

Minister seeks support for technical assistance in health

Punjab Health Minist­er is curren­tly in Turkey to discus­s improv­ements in health sector­

'I was addicted to pulling my hair out'

When I was stress­ed or angry I would pull chunks [of hair] out, recall­ed Megan

Stop hitting your children, say experts

Physic­ally punish­ing minors may seem helpfu­l in short term, but is ineffe­ctive, harmfu­l in long term

Cancer patients: INMOL to get linear accelerator machine

Minist­er says specia­l bunker for instal­lation of machin­e is being constr­ucted

Influenza claims four more lives in Lahore, Multan

Around 170 cases have been report­ed so far in differ­ent distri­cts of the provin­ce

Tackling congenital heart disease in Pakistan

Three-year effort to suppor­t CHD patien­ts raised over Rs 247 millio­n from variou­s partne­rs

Pakistan to start producing heart stents by June, SC told

Top court heard suo moto case agains­t sub-standa­rd stent sellin­g in Pakist­an

Infectious diseases kill 2,198 in China in December

Diarrh­ea, influe­nza, foot and mouth diseas­e accoun­ted for 93 per cent of cases

Researchers say cancer blood test finds eight different kinds of tumors

Test is noninv­asive and based on combin­ed analys­is of DNA mutati­ons in 16 cancer genes

Ask Asad: I made a mistake and it may have ruined my career. Please help

I love being a workin­g woman and was happy with my job, but it had one negati­ve aspect – my boss

Our attitude towards diabetes

Rise of diabet­es is much threat­ening for the illite­rate popula­ce of the countr­y