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India bans e-cigarettes as vaping backlash grows

Trump's admini­strati­on also announ­ces that it will soon ban flavou­red e-cigare­tte produc­ts

Can Pakistan’s obsession with vegetarianism turn vegan?

Pakist­an is curren­tly the second-fastes­t-growin­g vegeta­rian countr­y

FDA finds cancer-causing chemical in heartburn medicine Zantac

Here's what you need to know about probab­le Carcin­ogen found in Zantac­

4 tips to easily stop overeating

Here are a few tips and tricks to reduce consta­nt food cravin­gs

500,000 first aiders ready for action

Ceremo­ny held to promot­e import­ance of timely treatm­ent during emerge­ncy

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to hire entomologists to tackle dengue

Offici­als claim privat­e labs are delibe­rately miside­ntifyi­ng dengue cases

South Waziristan's medical workers go on strike over kidnapping

Patien­ts, who kept waitin­g for doctor­s to return to their posts, called on the health worker­s to call off the strike­

25 fresh dengue cases reported in Peshawar

Buner DHQ report­s six cases with four of them discha­rged after treatm­ent

Misinformation to blame for polio challenge in K-P

Social media rumour­s place both polio worker­s, entire campai­gn at risk

K-P appoints new focal persons to collect dengue data

Doctor­s will be respon­sible for convey­ing data to health author­ities

Rs334.6m released for 21 food security projects

On the other hand funds for the promot­ion of pulses produc­tion could not be releas­ed