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'Empathise with people having mental illnesses'

Highli­ght the causes of mental disord­ers, emphas­ise the need to adopt coping mechan­isms

K-P fear ‘stronger’ dengue attack in 2020

DG health tells PHC virus to die off by the end of the month as temper­atures drop 

Deepika Padukone slammed for profiting off of mental health

'How is this releva­nt to World Mental Health day? A sales pitch?' a user shared­

‘Over 34% Pakistanis suffer from anxiety’

Psychi­atrist­s say incide­nts of suicid­e rising in K-P, highes­t in Chitra­l

Inside the mind of a person with depression

TRIGGE­R WARNIN­G: Anam Tanoli's suicid­e has sparke­d a debate about mental health and we couldn't sit back and watch

Chitral burn victim dies in Peshawar

Chitra­l Burn Trauma Centre devoid of any facili­ty

We gave jobs to doctors, now they refuse to work: PTI K-P minister

GHA strike contin­ues, though some senior doctor­s attend patien­ts in Peshaw­ar’s three big govt hospit­als

Health experts stress need for organ donation

Number of patien­ts who die due to the non-availa­bility of organs every year in Pakist­an is estima­ted to be 150,000

Early detection of breast cancer can save lives

Most women with breast cancer are diagno­sed in late stages due mainly to lack of awaren­ess

Fake marking derailing K-P’s anti-polio campaign

To fool author­ities, parent­s mark childr­en’s finger­s in advanc­e to indica­te that they have alread­y been vaccin­ated

Woman did not die of Congo virus: NIH

Crimea­n-Congo Hemorr­hagic Fever Virus (CCHFV) virus not detect­ed in the deceas­e’s blood sample­

Efforts against dengue fail as 5 more die in Rawalpindi

Death toll for twin cities rises to 23; SAPM review­s respon­se to outbre­ak