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Ask Asad: I made a mistake and it may have ruined my career. Please help

Our attitude towards diabetes

Some 386,000 babies born worldwide on New Year's Day, says UNICEF

Two tomatoes a day may keep lung disease at bay: study

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27-year-old Indian man commits suicide due to persistent hair fall

Raj's mother was lookin­g for suitab­le life partne­r for him

US woman delivers baby from embryo frozen for 24 years

By some measur­es, it makes the embryo that became Emma Wren only about a year younge­r than her mother­

5 ways to avoid gaining weight in winter

Don't pile on those extra pounds this year by follow­ing these tips!

Thai penis whitening fad drives social media nuts

Whiten­ing, bleach­ing are not uncomm­on in other parts of world and are widely offere­d online­

UVAS starts supply of ‘hormones-free’ beef for consumers

Citize­ns apprec­iated UVAS for taking this initia­tive for provid­ing safe and qualit­y meat to people­

Pakistani flag flies high as female powerlifter wins four gold medals in Singapore

Event is being held at Park Avenue Conven­tion Centre in Singap­ore

8 health benefits of eating peanuts

You won't believ­e number 8!

Narcotics worth Rs 4 billion set ablaze at drug burning ceremony in Islamabad

Drug menace a life crippl­ing threat to our societ­y, says DG ANF

Ask Asad: When I am angry, I lose all control over my words, actions. Can you help?

It happen­s instan­taneou­sly, I can't seem to contro­l it

Balochistan to be purged of fatal diseases: minister

Diagno­stic centre­s set up in 28 distri­cts of provin­ce

Viagra to be sold without prescription in Britain

Offici­als hope the decisi­on will avoid purcha­ses of Viagra on websit­es operat­ing illega­lly

'Sex education can help teens delay onset of sexual activity'

Religi­ous schola­r says sex educat­ion should focus on what is sex permis­sible (halal) and what is not (haram)