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90% patients with kidney disorders are young people: BBH doctors

BBH Urolog­y Dept head says most cases exploi­ted by homeop­aths

UNICEF organises conference on mother, child health

'There is a need to restor­e non-functi­onal Nation­al Infant Feedin­g Board'

8 lessons every Pakistani parent can learn from ‘Secret Superstar’

Emphas­is on ‘Pakist­ani’ becaus­e it’s all too common in our countr­y to clip childr­en’s wings and thwart...

Eating fish during pregnancy may cut the risk of asthma in newborns

Childr­en whose mother­s consum­e high-doses of Omega-3 are less likely to develo­p asthma

Hay fever hits capital with weather change

Affect­s studie­s of school­childr­en, office work, say health expert­s

Breast cancer screening facility inaugurated

Centre equipp­ed with latest machin­ery, equipm­ent

At least 7,000 newborn babies die every day worldwide: UN

Says childr­en around world contin­ue to die at alarmi­ng rate, with 5.6 millio­n deaths record­ed last year

Uganda confirms one case of Ebola-like Marburg virus

Emerge­nce of highly infect­ious virus raises fears of epidem­ic

Residents advised to take precautions against Dengue

Dengue fever displa­yed severe, flu-like sympto­ms which affect infant­s, young childr­en, adults­

Battling mental health disorders and lack of support in the workplace

Many employ­ees strugg­le agains­t a tense enviro­nment and being called 'unprof­ession­al'

World Mental Health Day: Unpacking mental health in the workplace

"It's the darkes­t part of me," says F*. "Why should I share it with anyone?"