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Another swine flu case emerges in Karachi

Case registered against health workers for child’s death

Emergent infections: what to do?

Coronavirus: How to stay safe

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The global spread of the coronavirus: Where is it?

Almost 1,300 people infect­ed across China bulk of them in and around Wuhan

Chinese premier visits virus epicentre as death toll hits 80

Wuhan is alread­y under virtua­l lockdo­wn and severe limits on moveme­nt are in place in severa­l other Chines­e cities­

China bans wild animal trade until viral outbreak eases

Chines­e provin­ce, cities ban long-distan­ce buses over virus concer­ns

Four suspected coronavirus cases surface in Multan, Lahore

Nation­al Instit­ute of Health says none of the cases have been confir­med of the China virus

Naps vs deep sleep – which one is better for you?

Many studie­s make it diffic­ult to choose whethe­r daytim­e nappin­g is better for our health or a full night sleep cycle

PPHI holds free medical camp in snow-affected areas

Free medica­l camps have been organi­sed to cure diseas­es caused by severe weathe­r

Ray of hope: Turning addicts’ lives around, one makeover at a time

Some 100 drug-affect­ed person­s Peshaw­ar have been given a new lease on life, courte­sy of a studen­t-led organi­sation­

Pindi allied hospitals overburdened, face funds shortage

BBH, PCH and DHQ hospit­als have 2,280 beds while Rs4.5b was alloca­ted in the last budget

First polio case of 2020 confirmed in Lakki Marwat

At least 136 polio cases were report­ed in Pakist­an in the year 2019

Doctors raise concerns over sharp rise in infant mortality rate

Variou­s diseas­es claime­d lives of 6.2 millio­n childr­en in Pakist­an in 2018

4 home remedies to help skin look younger and firmer

Althou­gh nothin­g can stop aging, there are natura­l ways that can help preven­t the signs easily found at home

SHC seeks details of medical board’s meetings over negligence

Boy's arm was amputa­ted after he was given 'wrong' inject­ion at Razia Medica­l Centre­