The BRI-backed Afghan-Pakistan rapprochement is reshaping the region

Afghanistan is seemingly no longer all that interested in Iran’s Indian-controlled port of Chabahar

Updated Jun 07, 2021
The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board’s quest for ecosystem restoration

We plan on recruiting more guards, building more check posts and implementing a proper management plan

Updated Jun 05, 2021
Karachi’s real estate saga

The unplanned rise in the city’s population due to rural-urban migration has augmented the demand for housing

Updated Jun 03, 2021
Muslim Lives Matter

It is incumbent on Muslims to learn from the Black Lives Matter movement

Updated Jun 02, 2021
My mother Pino!

Imagine waking up one day to discover that the couple you always thought to be your parents, are your adoptive parents

Updated Jun 01, 2021
Pakistan-Iraq ties represent promising South-South cooperation

Iraq is so attractive to Pakistan because it’s positioned in the central part of the Levant

Updated May 31, 2021
The iron lady of Wali Bagh: Begum Naseem Wali

"My rivals thought I should return to life at home after my political purpose was fulfilled, Khan’s release."

Updated May 29, 2021
The missteps in the Afghan democratisation process – Part 2

All the stakeholders in Afghanistan need to be flexible about what is realistically achievable

Updated May 28, 2021
The missteps in the Afghan democratisation process – Part 1

The failure of the elected Karzai government to govern effectively and the rampant corruption eroded democratic trust

Updated May 27, 2021
PTI’s economic scorecard

PML-N claims to have left a thriving economy and, simultaneously, blames PTI for not going to the IMF sooner

Updated May 26, 2021

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  • Importance of sports

    Engaging in sports has many benefits for people of all ages. While the physical benefits are pretty obvious, sports also help people develop clean and healthy habits

  • Bid to counter China

    At the recent G7 meeting in the UK, the group leaders pledged to launch a B3W project under which $40 trillion are to be given to developing countries in the coming years

  • Ambitious vaccine rollout

    Last week, Pakistan crossed the vaccine rollout mark of 10 million people, which undoubtedly is an outstanding achievement keeping in view the slow vaccination rate recorded in the beginning

  • No college in Balnigwar

    A large population of the youth that resides in Balnigwar, an area in the Kech district of Balochistan, is in dire need of colleges

  • Crime: silence is complicity

    We must appreciate those on social media who exposed the shameful incident involving a cleric indulging in sexual abuse of a madrassa student in Lahore

  • Women’s clothes

    Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent remarks about women’s clothing being the reason for sexual crimes in the country has gained traction on social media

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